With finals near on the horizon, I have found myself enjoying more nights studying with pizza, Hardees, Taco Bell or the ever faithful Wednesday wing nights. Feeling like I needed to make a change, I visited a nutritionist on campus who listened to what I was eating, when I was eating and how much I was eating. We discussed what I could do to help with my current dietary situation. I still get to go out and partake in those yummy cheap wing nights, but I now have set times when I should be eating those larger meals. I’ve been cutting down on how much I eat during my main meals, and in between every meal I’m trying to fit in a healthy snack like an apple or granola bar.

I have also found that Dailyburn.com (which is completely free!) helps me keep track of what I’m eating in a day. It breaks down how many calories I should be consuming of what types of foods and tells me the workout regime I should be trying to apply.

So…If you love eating your zesty ranch wings but are a little worried about how tight your pants are fitting, I recommend you visit the lovely nutritionists in the IWC for all your stressful eating weight gain problems. ☺

And don’t forget how awesomely HUGE the new workout portion of the IWC is!

Hours of operation, health information, and information on nutritionists is available at the Health Services website.


–Julie McCloskey

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