Winona has a many options for students when it comes to working out. Running or walking the Winona lakes and taking in an amazing view of the bluffs at the same time is a popular choice for cardio in the spring, summer and early fall. But now that the weather is getting cooler and winter is slowly approaching, lake runners will find themselves lost without a place to get their cardio in for the day. That being said, it’s time to explore the cardio options available indoors!

The IWC is an obvious option and free to students with a WSU or Southeast Tech ID. Between the weight room, track and gym options, it has a lot to offer students and staff. However, if you are like me, finding something to do for cardio can be a struggle. So, here are a few different things you can try at the IWC to get those steps in:


The third floor is dedicated to a track, along with stationary bikes and corners to do ab workouts. The track and bikes are a good way to get a cardio workout in. Personally, I love the track. If you do 10 laps, walking or running, that’s equal to one mile. Because of this, it is easier for me to keep track of how far I’ve gone. Plus, who wants to go for a run in the winter or rain?


If the track is not for you, but you want to run, you also have the option to use a treadmill on the second floor of the IWC. There are a variety of speeds and slope combinations for you to pick from. Plus, there are TVs attached to machines so you can work out without missing your favorite show!


If the treadmill isn’t your thing either, then you could try the elliptical. On these machines you are able to set your resistance and easily adjust your speed during your workout. The ellipticals also have screens attached for you to watch TV.

So, enjoy running the lakes as long as you can, but then be ready with a cardio plan when you hit the IWC!

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Kayla Severson

Kayla is a Public Relations major and Communications minor graduating in 2017 from Mindoro, WI. Her hobbies include traveling, hanging out with friends, PRSSA and writing for the Odyssey.