Are you looking for a quiet place to study this week? Do you like FREE food?

If so, the Edge is the place to go!

If you have never been to the Edge before, it is a student center coffee bar for any and all students to use. It is a place to study and drink FREE coffee as well as hang out with friends or meet new people! The Edge is located on the corner of Main and Sanborn Street, across from Memorial Hall. It has a big sign on the front of the building that says ‘The Edge’ so you really can’t miss it!

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, the Edge will host Food & Finals and will be open starting at 3pm for anyone who wants to study in a quiet atmosphere and sip on some FREE coffee.

At 7pm, dinner will be served! Each night there will be FREE home-cooked meals as well as snacks to enjoy on your study breaks. Below are the meals that will be provided each night:

Monday: Meatball subs

Tuesday: Mac & Cheese, sloppy joes

Wednesday: Heggies pizzas

During finals week, the Edge will remain open until the last person leaves at night, so come study, enjoy some free calories and caffeine, and stay as long or as little as you like.

Also, remember this is not only an opportunity for you but for all of your friends as well! So, don’t feel like you have to come alone. I encourage you to send a Snapchat to all of your friends and tell them when and where the free food is happening – you don’t want them to miss out on this!

Food & Finals is sponsored by WSU Chi Alpha, but you do not have to be a part of Chi Alpha to attend! These meals are for all WSU students! Last night was the first night and we kicked off the week with some delicious burrito bowls! Here are some pictures and quick testimonials from the night:

“My belly is full. My mind is full. It’s time for bed.” –John Henke

“I think this is an excellent place to build community, break social barriers and hold hands with my friend George while we are eating.” –Michele Borsari

“Tonight I had a burrito bowl, got some studying done, and got to talk with some great people! Oh, and I drank some wonderful coffee.” –Anna Cho

“I have come here every finals week that I have been at WSU and I have never regretted it!” –Bridgette Bixler

“Never have I felt more surrounded by family.” –Kameron Wilson

Join us the next three nights for a great time studying and eating delicious meals while in the company of a wonderful community of people! You don’t want to miss this!

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Erin Kloepping

Erin is a Communications major with an emphasis in Leadership and Advocacy who is graduating in 2019. She is from Brodhead, WI and her interests include videography and foreign mission trips.