At Winona State University, we pride ourselves in offering programs that help alumni follow their passions, climb the ladder in their careers, return to a field or come in from a different one, and serve highly in-demand areas. 

January is Health Care Month in Minnesota, and we want to take a moment to celebrate a handful of our alumni who are using their degrees to improve the world. 

Check out what our alumni have to say about our programs in the healthcare field and learn more about where you can go with your WSU education. 


Ruth Adams ‘21

Charge Nurse, Good Samaritan Society

“The Nursing coursework at WSU gave me confidence in my ability to practice and follow my passion without fear. My studies—along with my experiences with classmates, professors, and advisors—encouraged me to continue in the nursing profession in many ways. I couldn’t have done it without their support.”

Carlee Byrum ‘21

Social Worker, Ongoing Case Management Team

I truly believe WSU’s Social Work program—along with the Title IV-E program—is the best in the state. The education I received was tailored to my needs, and the professors went above and beyond to help me achieve my goals.

Maddi Kingsbury ‘19

Institutional Review Board Specialist, Mayo Clinic

WSU set me up for success for a career in healthcare administration. The Public Health coursework I completed and the experience I gained with conducting research prepared me to excel in my position and take on many exciting projects at work.

Darin Wendel '16

Director of Clinical Services, Lakes Region EMS

The Healthcare Leadership & Administration (HLA) program helped me tremendously and truly prepared me for my career as a healthcare leader. Servant leadership, intrinsic motivation, and data analytics are some of the many skills I graduated with.

Dr. Courtney Kloes ‘15

Chiropractor, Private Practice

Attending WSU and receiving my degree greatly prepared me for my post-graduate education. The campus clubs and extracurriculars within Health, Exercise & Rehabilitative Science (HERS) gave me even more hands-on experience interacting with patients and helping families of all ages and conditions.”

These alumni testimonials have been lightly edited for grammar, clarity, and length.