WSU Helps Female Professionals Thrive Beyond the Hustle & Unlock Resiliency

Winona State hosted a Women of Wellness (WOW) Cruise event aboard the Cal Fremling cruise boat to equip women with strategies to navigate the currents of life.

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WSU Summer Events Build Connections & Celebrate Community

WSU Summer Events Build Connections & Celebrate Community

Every summer the Winona and Rochester communities come alive with events and meetings that bring folks together from near and far to mingle, celebrate, and enjoy community. At Winona State, we embrace our place within the communities we serve. As the event calendars...

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Inaugural Women of Wellness Conference Sold Out

The inaugural Women of Wellness (WOW) Conference took place in Rochester on May 11, attracting 76 attendees from around the Winona and Rochester region. Attendees were empowered and entertained through interactive wellness sessions, food demonstrations, and panel discussions. The energy was electric, and our event planners and contributors are still reveling in the afterglow.

WSU Alums Deliver Professional Development to Malaysian Educators

This past March, Winona State University's Adult & Continuing Education (ACE) department coordinated a 3-day in-person professional development workshop series for K-12 educators at Sri Acmar International School in Selangor, Malaysia. The workshop series was...

WSU Helps Professionals Serve Their Customers in a More Equitable Way

Winona State’s Multicultural Education Certificate Program (MECP) helps professionals understand how multicultural theory and research can inform their professional practices. Participants explore how their own demographic characteristics and cultural experiences...

Stretching into the Role of Business Owner

Soon-to-be WSU alum Cheryl Ferrill returned to college after 40 years to not only switch career paths and earn her degree, but also to chase her passion and open her very own yoga studio in honor of her late mother.

Learn Programming for Non-Programmers at WSU

Most of us use computers every day, but are you ready to move beyond simply being a user of someone else’s program? Software development, the process of creative problem-solving using computers, is something that can be useful in all professions and job roles – even...



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