WSU Supports Community Action Agency Professionals Statewide with Resiliency Strategies

Resiliency directly impacts employee recruitment, onboarding, retention, and overall engagement. WSU contracted with Sandy Anderson Consulting to provide resiliency training at the Minnesota Community Action Partnership's (MinnCAP) Recovery, Resilience, Response,...

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Stretching into the Role of Business Owner

Stretching into the Role of Business Owner

Soon-to-be WSU alum Cheryl Ferrill returned to college after 40 years to not only switch career paths and earn her degree, but also to chase her passion and open her very own yoga studio in honor of her late mother.

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Learn Programming for Non-Programmers at WSU

Most of us use computers every day, but are you ready to move beyond simply being a user of someone else’s program? Software development, the process of creative problem-solving using computers, is something that can be useful in all professions and job roles – even...

Adult & Continuing Education in the Community

Winona State University partnered with Rochester Area Builders Inc. (RAB) to provide professional development opportunities for two recent RAB events. RAB is Southeastern Minnesota’s association leader in construction, remodeling, and home improvement. RAB strives to provide its members with professional growth through participation, advocacy, and education. The partnership with WSU brought industry expertise and insight to RAB’s door from two expert trainers.

WSU Supports Youth Development Professionals

  Throughout the pandemic, personal and professional challenges have left many feeling depleted and stuck in the middle, with a lack of clarity on how to fuel forward. This has been especially true for non-profit teams committed to serving the common good and...

WSU Supports Merchants Bank’s Emerging Leaders

People are a company’s greatest assets, especially when they are valued and empowered to strive for advancement where they are rather than seek it elsewhere. One effective way of creating this sense of empowerment is through participation in ongoing training programs...

WSU Supports Lanesboro’s Rural Entrepreneurial Venture Program

Businesses in the Southeastern Minnesota rural communities of Lanesboro and surrounding Fillmore County continue to strive for sustainability and long-term economic growth, despite the challenges of the ongoing global pandemic. Winona State University sponsored a...

WSU Supports Rochester Public School Staff with Multicultural Education

Multicultural theory and practice are taking on new dimensions of complexity in our society as demographics, social conditions, and political circumstances change. Demographic differences including, but not limited to, ethnic, racial, socioeconomic, gender, sexuality,...

Leveraging Learning to Cultivate Resilience

Businesses and organizations throughout the region continue to provide vital services despite the challenges of the ongoing global pandemic. Inspired by this spirit of reliability and resilience, WSU recently offered a professional workshop series led by consultant Sandy Anderson to help business professionals process the challenges and define strategies that they and their work cultures can utilize in the middle of the pandemic.

Benike Construction builds a Culture of Safety Accountability

This summer, Benike Construction entrusted Winona State University (WSU) as their workforce development partner to deliver customized training for the Benike team. WSU brought in Tom Esch Consulting to facilitate University: Constructing Team Excellence. This completely online training was developed to support an ongoing culture of safety and accountability.



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