Hustle culture describes a workplace environment that focuses on productivity and ambition, with little regard for rest, self-care, or work-life balance. This lifestyle has become increasingly popular in recent years as individuals strive to achieve their professional goals faster and more efficiently.

Despite its popularity, hustle culture has increased mental health concerns like anxiety, stress, and depression.

This Fall, Winona State University hosted a Women of Wellness (WOW) Cruise event aboard WSU’s own Cal Fremling Cruise Boat. Winona State partnered with two wellness experts, Sandy Anderson and Maria Serbus, to offer interactive conversations about “Thriving Beyond the Hustle: Unlocking Resilience for Women Professionals.”

Attendees were challenged with engaging discussion around these questions: Is the hustle culture driving your calendar?  Is your hurried mind sabotaging how you show up in life?

Sandy and Maria shared effective strategies to navigate personal and professional challenges and periods of growth.

Heidi Wyn and Kyra Beske of Winona’s local tea shop, Curiosi-Tea House, also provided a Tea Talk and Tasting on the cruise and helped attendees explore healthy drink alternatives through a variety of teas.

Teacups from Curiosi-Tea

Thank you for pulling together a fantastic Women of Wellness agenda, bringing aboard inspiring speakers, and including the Curiosi-Tea House owner who brought an element of calm to the afternoon. This was a great opportunity to renew our sense of purpose, meet new people, and find common interests with our co-workers.

The presenters shared proven methods to help us balance our work projects while setting margins for preparation, reflection, and winding down, so that we don’t overextend ourselves. It was an awakening of new approaches to multi-tasking, while taking the time to breathe and appreciate our accomplishments. I look forward to the next W.O.W. conference!

Jill Bradley

Advancement Systems Administrator, Winona State University

Heartfelt thanks to you and your colleagues for orchestrating a magnificent event! I look forward to upcoming opportunities.

Cheryl Rosebrook, M.Ed.

Honor Roll Teacher and Teacher of Excellence, Minnesota Teacher of the Year Program, 1999

About Sandy Anderson

Sandy is driven to create pathways for organizations and individuals to stop doing more with less and start living and leading with resiliency and relevancy! She helps people move from exhausted to inspired. With degrees in Community Health and Organizational Leadership, her professional and personal experiences along with extensive training in Appreciative Inquiry and Clifton Strengths™ offer a unique ability to “set a table” for professional development where clients from all walks of life engage and discover not only what could be, but also how to get there.

About Maria Serbus

Maria’s mission is to empower women to craft their most vibrant life, free from the cycle of over-thinking and over-doing, and allow them to seamlessly balance ambition with mindful appreciation of life’s precious moments. With Maria’s guidance, accomplished women can savor sweet rewards of their achievements while also enjoying life’s simple joys: a harmonious blend of their personal and professional lives.

About Heidi Wyn

Curiosi-Tea House came to fruition thanks to our owner, Heidi Wyn, starting her own personal journey with tea. A former teacher, Heidi sought out a healthy alternative to coffee and sugar filled drinks and began learning about and exploring the many varieties the world of tea has to offer.


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