Winona State University partnered with the Lanesboro business community to offer Mindfulness Is a Superpower, a workshop facilitated by certified resilience trainer Dr. Pam Whitfield.

The workshop, held at the local Paddle On Coffee & Maker Emporium in Lanesboro, aimed to arm participants with invaluable tools and insights to effectively manage stress and reinforce resilience in their daily lives.

Drawing from the groundbreaking research of Dr. Amit Sood from the Mayo Clinic, participants gleaned insights into the neuroscientific foundations of mindfulness and resilience.

The workshop offered a practical approach, presenting five simple yet strong techniques rooted in mindfulness research.

These techniques–including principles of gratitude, compassion, acceptance, higher meaning, and forgiveness–were designed to be easily incorporated into daily routines, requiring only a few minutes each day.

By embracing mindfulness, individuals can recalibrate their mindset, nurture healthier personal and professional relationships, and strive for a work-life balance.


The Lanesboro business community has a desire to support entrepreneurs with valuable training opportunities to support professional growth and business success. The training partnership with Winona State University and Dr. Whitfield helped the business community get a step closer to this goal.

Alison Leathers

Manager, The Cottage House Inn


Beyond individual well-being, the workshop also explored the implications of mindfulness for businesses and organizations.

Through discussions and interactive sessions, participants learned strategies to enhance workplace effectiveness, foster meaningful relationships, and boost employee engagement and retention. By prioritizing self-care and cultivating a culture of recognition and appreciation, businesses can create environments where employees thrive and flourish.

Dr. Whitfield’s expertise extends beyond academia. She has a proven track record of delivering tailored instruction and training to a diverse array of organizations, including IBM, Mayo Clinic, and local government bodies.

With her extensive experience and deep understanding of resilience and mindfulness, she was well-equipped to guide participants on their journey toward personal and professional growth.


At the core of this workshop lay the recognition that self-care strategies, work-life balance, and employee satisfaction were interconnected facets of organizational success. By investing in the well-being of their workforce, businesses can reap the rewards of increased productivity, creativity, and resilience.

Dr. Pam Whitfield

Certified Resilience Trainer


As participants navigated the complexities of modern life, cultivating mindfulness emerged as a powerful tool for navigating challenges and embracing opportunities.

With Dr. Whitfield’s guidance, participants embarked on a transformative journey, unlocking their innate superpower for stress management and resilience.

Together, they elevated themselves to new heights of well-being and success, one mindful moment at a time.


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About Dr. Pam Whitfield

Dr. Whitfield is an educator, writer, and certified resilience trainer. She teaches English and humanities at Rochester Community and Technical College (RCTC) and co-founded the college’s equine science program. In 2010, Pam won the MnSCU Educator of the Year award. The Carnegie Foundation named her MN Professor of the Year in 2011.

Pam has delivered customized instruction and training to diverse organizations, including IBM, the Mayo Clinic, the Rochester Police Department, the Diversity Council, Custom Alarm, and city and county governments. She has studied resilience and mindfulness with Dr. Amit Sood from Mayo Clinic.

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