Winona State University Assistant Professor of Finance Larry Schrenk was recently featured in an “Ask the Experts” segment on WalletHub, a website featuring subject matter experts on financial planning.

Dr. Schrenk responded to four questions as part of a panel of personal finance experts, outlining the specifics of hard and soft credit inquiries and how consumers interact with them.

According to Dr. Schrenk, many consumers are afraid of checking their own credit report and don’t do it enough. The second mistake they make, he said, is underestimating the importance of credit scores.

“Many people think that their score is only significant when applying for credit,” said Dr. Schrenk. “These days, everyone seems to be checking your credit score: employers when you apply for a job, landlords when you want to rent an apartment, insurance companies when you apply for a policy. All these have a legal right to examine your credit score/report.”

To read more of Dr. Schrenk’s advice, visit Credit Inquiries – Soft vs. Hard Inquiry & Score Impact on WalletHub.

Dr. Schrenk joined the faculty at WSU in 2016. His courses include Corporate Finance, Investments, Student Managed Investment Fund and International Finance. Areas of research include corporate governance and executive compensation, capital budgeting, real options, financial ethics and machine learning.


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