When we all come together for university events, it is easy to see a sea of purple and label us collectively as Warriors. However, not every Warrior is alike. Some Warriors enjoy sports while others prefer hiking; some like music while others appreciate movies. For any student who loves nothing more than cozying up with a good book and reading for hours or writing until their heart is content, check out these 10 campus clubs and five spots in downtown Winona that will make the Bookworm Warrior feel right at home.


Student reading while walking in the library

Kelsa Katzfey ’21


Campus Clubs


1. Her Campus

Her Campus is a national organization that serves as an online news magazine and blog platform for a female collegiate audience. At WSU, it is a student-run club that provides aspiring authors the opportunity to freely write articles of all topics and build a portfolio to share with family, friends and future employers. Do not be fooled by the name, however—male students are more than welcome to join, as well!


2. Winona Wordsmiths

Winona Wordsmiths is a WSU club that brings together creative writers. Not only do students share and edit one another’s original pieces, but also they encourage their peers to achieve their best writing potential—meaning an instant network of writers to lean on when stuck in a writer’s block.


3. The Winonan

The Winonan is WSU’s campus newspaper. Students itching to become reporters are given the opportunity to cover stories that affect the lives in the university community, with topics ranging from sports to professors to resources and events. Besides the pride of having their name published in a physical newspaper, The Winonan staff are also paid for their contributions (talk about bonus!).


4. Satori

Satori is the literary arts magazine at WSU. It is comprised of select poetry, art and prose submissions, as well as the three winning pieces from the Winona Prize in Creative Writing (see #7 below for more details). If interested in having their work published, students from all years and majors are welcome and encouraged to submit their original pieces. If interested in being a part of the editorial and review process, students may enroll in ENG 324, Projects in Writing and Language, during a spring semester (since Satori is released every April). Another perk of being featured in the magazine is receiving a free copy at the publishing party.


5. Sigma Tau Delta

Sigma Tau Delta is WSU’s International English Honor Society. It is invitation-only for select undergraduate and graduate students who are majoring in and have demonstrated a proficiency in their declared English department program. Among the benefits of joining Sigma Tau Delta include scholarship, internship and publishing opportunities, as well as graduation cords.


6. Society for Collegiate Journalists

The Society for Collegiate Journalists is a WSU club meant for any student interested in the field of journalism. Not only does SCJ plan trips to local news stations, newspapers and conventions, but also it provides Mass Communication-related job listings for its members. Students are additionally given the opportunity to have their work judged by professionals during their Annual National Contest—yet another opportunity for rising reporters to begin building their portfolio.


7. The Winona Prize in Creative Writing

The Winona Prize in Creative Writing is a contest run through the English department to which students can submit original creative pieces of fiction, nonfiction and poetry. To submit a manuscript, students must be enrolled full-time (i.e. minimum of 12 credits per semester) at WSU and have completed a WSU creative writing course (which can include ENG 222, Introduction to Creative Writing, or any upper-level creative writing course). In past years, the winning contestant for each of the three categories receives a $1500 prize and is featured in that year’s edition of Satori.


8. Student International Literacy Association

The Student International Literacy Association is a student-run organization that is passionate about spreading the love of reading and writing. The club’s mission is to raise awareness of illiteracy and to promote resources that counter the issue via volunteer opportunities, projects and informational meetings. Students who dream of a world where everyone has the capability to read and write will fit right in!


9. Common Book

The Common Book is a project run through the English department that brings together the community of WSU readers to discuss a single work. A new Common Book is selected each academic year based on the issues it raises. It may be incorporated into both the curriculum of multiple WSU courses—including ENG 111, College Reading and Writing—and on-campus events. Previous events related to chosen works include public readings, lectures and visits from selected authors. The Common Book Project is a great opportunity for students to widen their literature repertoire and to become more involved with their collegiate community.


10. Great River Reading Series

The Great River Reading Series brings published authors to WSU each year. Poets, fiction writers and non-fiction writers alike have the opportunity to visit certain creative writing and literature classes and to give a public reading of a selected work of theirs. Students who are eager to meet successful writers do not want to miss out on these annual events.


A Winona bookstore

Kelsa Katzfey ’21


Downtown Winona


1. Chapter 2 Books

Located on 121 West 3rd Street, Chapter 2 Books is roughly a 10-minute walk from WSU. This bookstore houses over 15,000 books in stock that come with an affordable price tag for book-hungry college students. Customers can also buy, sell and trade vinyl records and CDs, so there truly is something for everyone!


2. Paperbacks and Pieces

Located on 429 Mankato Avenue, Paperbacks and Pieces is about a five-minute car drive from campus. This bookstore is known to be the oldest and largest—it claims to have over 35,000 titles in stock—in Winona since 1977, promising bookworms both character and a wide selection of genres.


3. A-Z Collectibles

Located on 152 Main Street, A-Z Collectibles is less than a five-minute walk from WSU. This bookstore is guaranteed to take any customer down memory lane with their featured stock of antique goods and collectibles, including used books and other unique finds. Students who are history buffs or bargain hunters will never want to leave.


4. Jimmy Jams

Located on 113 East 3rd Street, Jimmy Jams is about a 15-minute walk from campus. For the non-conventional reader, this bookstore sells comic books and graphic novels, along with video and board games, and even DVDs. Jimmy Jams also buys video games and DVDs—some extra cash may come in handy for anyone jonesing for something to munch on while devouring a page-turner.


5. Winona Public Library

Last, but not least, the Winona Public Library is located on 151 West 5th Street, which is less than a 10-minute walk from WSU. What could be better than free reading and a quiet place to do so? The Winona Public Library additionally offers students the perfect spot to study in peace, as well as a variety of fun community events, such as writing workshops, performances and presentations by published authors.


If you are interested in either reading or writing, find your community today by joining one of the clubs on campus listed above and visiting a bookworm-savvy spot in downtown Winona. Let WSU be the next chapter in your life!

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Hailey Seipel

Hailey is an English: Applied and Professional Writing major with a Mass Communication: Journalism minor who will graduate in 2020. She is from Rosemount, MN, and and her interests include writing, listening to music, hiking, and watching football and basketball.