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Three Steps to Apply to WSU

When I was a junior in high school, I looked into applying to over ten schools. Once I decided on WSU, I was happily surprised with the ease of the application process. For those looking to become a WSU Warrior, here are three basic steps to guide you on your way. 1....

Not Too Big, Not Too Small, Smedium

WSU has a population of about 8,000 students, give or take, and that puts us at the smaller end of medium-sized—making us smedium. As a WSU Admissions Counselor in-training, I can tell you all about our campus and population. I could recite the facts and numbers to...


6 Tips for Mid-Semester De-Cluttering

Midterm season is upon us, and that means we get a “fresh start” half-way through the semester. Although our grades don’t restart, we should treat it as if they do! After this, we’re in it for the long haul! De-cluttering is a great way to relax and gear up for the...

Sick In The Dorms? 5 Tips For Battling Illness Away From Home

The weather is finally cooling down and you’re finally comfortable with living in your home away from home. You might miss family from time to time, but your friends at school are life’s treasure. The sun still shines and your thick sweatshirt is the perfect companion...


How to Get Involved with the Winona Warming Shelter

I was around 12 years old when I first started volunteering at a Humane Society in my home town. I would go in once a week for two hours and help clean, walk dogs and feed the animals. Along with me, there were about 10 other volunteers that made a small time...

Bringing Passion, Patience and a Personal Touch to Sales

Will Thompson, a WSU senior, knows that you don’t have to be diagnosing illnesses, performing surgery or inserting IVs to help people. Sometimes all it takes is a passion for others and a drive to succeed through hard work. When people think “healthcare” immediately...


4 Thrifty Halloween Costume Ideas

Jack-o-lanterns, spooky ghosts and giant spider webs cover the houses in Winona in preparation for Halloween. As we dive into this mysterious season, you might start thinking about what you’re going to wear and who you’re going to be–but your bank account might have a...

#WSUsquirrelcam Contest

#WSUsquirrelcam contest alert! 🐿 Winona State is notorious for all our squirrelly friends. They climb on your windows, steal your pizza, and scream at you from trees. Our campus squirrels have a lot of personality. [gallery link="none" columns="1" size="large"...

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