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Fresh Advice for Incoming Freshmen

As a junior at WSU, freshman year is no longer fresh in my brain. So I reached out to a few underclassmen to get their perspective on WSU, their favorite part about freshman year, and their advice to incoming freshman. If you’re an incoming freshman to WSU, this blog...


Taking Advantage of Health & Wellness Services

As students, we are asked to do a lot. We are expected to do well in classes, maintain relationships with friends and family, participate in extracurricular activities to build our resumes, and sometimes have a job. That small list is hardly scratching the surface of...



Satori 2018: A Book of the Unknown

As humans, we often fear the unknown. The more familiar we become with things, the less scary we find them. This year’s literary magazine, Satori, is titled “The Unknown” and includes works of art that deal with different ideas of our deepest insecurities and fears....

Campus Upgrades: Time to Break Out the Bikes

Let’s pretend the random snowstorms aren’t happening and call it spring. If you’ve had any time to explore the blossoming campus, you might have noticed that WSU has made some upgrades to help students who want to use forms of transportation other than their cars to...

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