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Fresh Advice for Incoming Freshmen

As a junior at WSU, freshman year is no longer fresh in my brain. So I reached out to a few underclassmen to get their perspective on WSU, their favorite part about freshman year, and their advice to incoming freshman. If you’re an incoming freshman to WSU, this blog...


Benefits of Eating Breakfast

My favorite breakfast meal I used to get from west campus was a giant waffle, scrambled eggs, fruit and coffee. But I’m the kind of person that’s almost always eager for breakfast. If you’re not into classic breakfast food, that’s okay too! The cafeterias have other options outside of classic breakfast food, and Zane’s offers some good options as well. And don’t forget the Caribou and Einstein Bros. Bagels in the library, or Somsen Cafe!


Creating a Valuable Experience for Students with Disabilities

Sometimes our greatest motivations in life stem from the people most dear to us. For Tyler Maroushek, that was his older sister, Kylie. His sister lived with a genetic disorder called Noonan Syndrome, until she unexpectedly passed away at age 22 in 2015. [gallery...


How to Make the Most of Your Residence Hall Experience

Living in a residence hall is an experience unlike any other you will encounter in your life. If you're an incoming freshman next fall, here's some tips to enjoy your residence hall experience to the fullest when you get to campus. For many of you living in the halls...

My First Hackathon Experience

Before I walked into the Engagement Center in Somsen on Saturday, I wasn't quite sure what to expect. When I walked through the doors, I was immediately greeted with a smile and a handshake from Waheed Khan, founder of the Hackathon event. He is student at WSU...

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