WSU Celebrates 23 Years as a Best College Buy

Winona State University has been named among...

6 Things to do This Winter in Winona

Winter is growing closer and closer. The...

WSU Foundation Scholarships: Easy as 1-2-3!

Recently, the WSU Foundation Scholarship...

Resilient Warriors: Live Your Why

Why are you in college? Why do you work hard and...

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From Mentee to Mentor: My Experience Embracing Diversity at WSU

Let’s face it: college can be stressful and intimidating at times, especially for any first-year or transfer student. Being in a new environment as a student of an underrepresented and underserved minority can add another level of uncertainty. However, Winona State...

Transferring to WSU? We’ve Got Your Back!

Transferring to a new university can be a nerve-racking experience, which is why WSU is eager to help students transition smoothly and feel right at home. The transfer process at WSU is designed with students in mind to make your transition as easy as possible. Emma...


Resilient Warriors: The Wolf You Feed

[youtube] This week’s one minute resilience video, "The Wolf You Feed" by psychologist Mick Lynch is all about a story of the two “wolves” inside of us. One of them is negative and one of them is positive. Mick Lynch wants...

6 Ways Intramural Sports Will Make You a Better Student

I’m sure you’ve already heard people telling you to join clubs and get involved, but in my case I have never heard specifics as to why. I can’t tell you about every club on campus, but I can give you some very good reasons for one of the more popular activities at WSU...


4 Reasons to Get Involved with the SEED Garden

The WSU SEED Garden is an initiative that adds to our university’s rich culture, but at the same time, not many students know much about it.     What is the WSU SEED Garden? The WSU S.E.E.D. (Sustainable, Edible, Education, Discovery) Garden is a project that was...

10 Cheap Ways to Give Back This Holiday Season

Often times we find ourselves wanting to do good over the holiday season, but our bank account tells us otherwise. However, there are so many ways that we can give back that doesn’t cost us a penny! Here are ten ways that you can give back for little or no money this...


Surviving “Swinter”

When it comes to Minnesota weather, no one has any clue what is going on. One minute it’s like we are stuck inside a snow globe and the next it’s like we might actually see the sun for more than a fleeting second. I like to call this in-between transition “swinter”,...

Can You Hack It at the WSU Hackathon?

What’s a Hackathon? Glad you asked! It’s an all-day collaborative designing and programming event where students from all majors come together. They work and play with technology, creating programs with fellow developers. Want to know more? Here's a video from last...

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