WSU Celebrates 23 Years As Best College Buy

Winona State University has been named among...

6 Things to do This Winter in Winona

Winter is growing closer and closer. The...

WSU Foundation Scholarships: Easy as 1-2-3!

Recently, the WSU Foundation Scholarship...

Resilient Warriors: Live Your Why

Why are you in college? Why do you work hard and...

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3 Virtual Tools to Stay Connected with WSU Admissions

You may have a lot of questions running through your mind right now.How will admissions decisions work now?  When can I visit campus in-person? How can I register for classes?  When can I get my WSU laptop?  What about freshmen orientation?  What is going to happen...

Storytime: Why I Chose WSU

Choosing the right college to attend can be a daunting task.    I remember dreading this decision myself after going on several college tours. However, visiting Winona State University was a different story.   At first, I was hesitant to even tour WSU, but...


Coping with COVID-19: Staying Healthy from Home with Yoga

Maintaining regular exercise can be difficult—doing this at home can even seem impossible.    I often start a workout program at home and give it up after a week or less. This is because of discouragement, insecurity, running out of time, or simply getting sick...

A Warrior’s Take on New Year’s Resolutions

With January over, New Year’s resolutions can often feel like a dream.    Picking up resolutions is always an optimistic self-promise for change, but when classes, work, and daily difficulties resume, these promises can seem unrealistic, which leads to them being...


What It’s Like to Live in Watkins Manor

I first heard about the Students in Residence program completely by accident. My cousin and I were walking around Winona in between apartment showings and happened upon this mansion. We decided to do what anyone would do and go explore it. When we got inside, Cheryl...


Coping with COVID-19: 3 Steps to Academic Success

While practicing social distancing, it can be hard to find a new normal.    As college students, we’re used to sitting in classrooms, navigating our way through crowds, and generally being social. Zoom meetings and phone calls to loved ones just don’t feel the...

5 Ways to Celebrate the Class of 2020

Attention Class of 2020: you’re still graduating!   Although this semester took an unexpected turn, you deserve to honor all the hard work you put into your journey as a Warrior.    Here are five ways to celebrate earning your degree.     1....

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