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11 Things to Do in Winona Over the Summer

At some point during your college experience here at WSU you are going to stay the summer. This may be for work, summer classes, or solely because you are already paying rent so why not live in that house. This summer, I ended up being one of those people. There was...


Start Your Summer Off Well

We are at the end of another year of classes as the snow finally has melted and the signs of summer are now upon us. To me, summer means having that big weight of class stress lifted off my shoulders, but we can’t forget about our health over the summer along with it....

BetterYou App = A Better You!

The BetterYou app is still fairly new and for the best reason. You see, Winona was chosen as the pilot city that gets to try out this brand new way of encouraging healthy behaviors! This app has recipes to try, workouts ideas, and other ideas to improve your overall wellness in life.


A Professional Problem Solver Caring for Others

Think of what you’d like a social worker to be—someone who serves with integrity and compassion, who understands the importance of human relationships, who values the dignity and worth of every person. For Jacob Stock, the value of looking out for others instilled in...


How to Strengthen Your Writing Skills at WSU

As I finish my junior year at WSU, I can't believe that I only have one semester left before I graduate with a degree in writing. I have big dreams for the future, but today I'm going to spend some time sharing several opportunities to write at WSU. [gallery...

#WSUcolors Contest

Hey Warriors, take a study break because you’re never too old to enter a coloring contest! Color in the gazebo (PDF) and submit a photo of your masterpiece on social media using #WSUcolors. To enter, post your photo to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag...

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