If you’re bundling up to leave the house today because classes still go on even in -30 wind chill, you’re probably a Warrior. Here are some other surefire ways to know you belong here in good old ‘nona.

1. You’ve taken a selfie on Garvin Heights

2. You’ve used Somsen or Kryzsko as a short cut to avoid the cold weather

3. You’ve watched in agony as the campus or East Lake shuttle drives away just before you get to the bus stop

4. You’ve almost been late to class because of a train

5. All your friends from back home know no one rocks purple like you do

6. Your favorite napping spots include: Solarium, SLC Atrium, Baldwin and the SAC

7. You now understand what D2L, upper hyphen, caf and Wazoo all mean

8. But no matter how long you’ve been at WSU, your DARS report still confuses you

9. You’re a senior yet are still not entirely sure how to spell Krysco Kryzko Kryzsko

10. You’ve counted climbing the Somsen stairs as your daily work out


11. You’ve taken the tandem bike for a spin around the lake with your BFF

12. You’ve run into one of your professors at Bubs.

13. You’ve fought through the New Years resolution crowds at the IWC after winter break

14. You’ve walked into a few clouds of gnats in your day

15. After taking the 10-minute survey, you use the rest of University Improvement Day to sleep and nothing more

16. You know no greater feeling than when your professor brings Bloedow’s & Mugby for your 8am final

17. You’ve had an awkward experience in the Sheehan communal bathrooms

18. You’ve spent more time looking for a seat in the cafeteria than actually eating your food

19. You’ve shown up to a few UPAC meetings for only one reason…

20. You can’t handle the thought of leaving the bluffs, the river and everything in between behind come graduation