What a lot of people look forward to in college is having a roommate, which is fun, but now with COVID-19 WSU offers people “Super-Single” rooms which is a two person dorm room without a roommate. The entire room is your own.

Having your Own Space

I had this style room one of my years in the dorms and it was awesome. I had so much more freedom to do what I wanted in the room. I could have whatever I wanted on the walls; when I lived alone I had pictures of family and friends on my walls. Living alone, I could listen to music or watch TV whenever. I could push the two beds together to make one giant bed–side note when making a mega bed you will need two sets of dorm size bed sheets (twin extra-long) a king size sheet will not fit. 

More Privacy

At first I worried that I wouldn’t make friends if I didn’t have one living with me, but I was so wrong. I made more friends within my dorm building then I did anywhere else. I got to spend every day with my friends in the building and when I needed alone time I had my own room to escape too.

More Reason to Get Out & About

My mom was worried that I would get lonely by living alone, but a super single allowed me to get out of the room and more immersed in the college life. Instead of sitting alone all day I got out to get human interaction. I went to yoga on campus, the gym, and went to other on campus events.

Eliminates School Work Disruptions

Now that school is online for most students having a super single allows for you to get your work done without having to worry about disruptions. When you are on Zoom you can have the volume loud and can fully focus on class instead of quieting down for a roommate.

There are many benefits to having a super single dorm room; you’ll see how awesome they are when you move into yours. Make the most of having one when you can!

-Lucy LaValley