Classes are currently online, so technically students don’t need to come to campus, but if you want to get the full college experience coming to campus is a necessary step. Coming to college has a lot of benefits that staying at home just won’t get you. Here are five reasons why you should come to campus in the fall.

1. Independence

Going away to school is the first time a person gets independent freedom and does not have to “check-in” with parents, or anyone, in fact. College is where you grow into an adult, you are responsible for yourself and cannot rely on anyone else. You do your own laundry, go grocery shopping, and hold yourself accountable; there is not going to be an adult there holding your hand every step of the way.

2. Friends

College is a place to meet new people from all over. Meeting friends in college is like creating a whole new family. You might not meet friends by going to classes, but you will meet them somewhere on campus. Like all college graduates say, college friends are the friends you will have for the rest of your life.

3. Dorm Rooms

Living in a dorm room is one of the most fun things about a person’s college years. Seeing and meeting new people who live next door is like having a sleepover every night. Now, although having a roommate is not allowed at this time, there are still benefits to that. Double single dorm rooms are more spacious, and the room can be one-hundred percent your own.

4. Self-discovery

It’s scary at first, but after a week or so being on your own becomes exhilarating. You go through a lot of self-discovery while away at school because of the independence you gain. College is the place where you try new things and through that process find your true self. And you are able to be your true self without any harsh judgements from others.

5. Campus Help

In addition to personal advantages of coming to campus in the fall, there are also reasons to come that will help further your educational career while attending WSU.

On campus, you have access to all of the campus resources. If you have a laptop issue, don’t worry, tech support is located on the third floor of Somsen Hall and can help with your problem with an appointment. And you can’t, visit Maxwell Hall, the home of almost all other campus resources from home.

Make the most out of your college years and start as early as you can. Come to campus instead of staying home in the fall. Come to create memories that will last forever, meet new people, and have fun… and study too.

Authored by Lucy LaValley ’21