There are a ton of unique places on campus, some of which go unnoticed. Have an itch to explore your new home and find your getaway? Look no further than these nine hidden gems at WSU!


1.  The Quad Volleyball Court

Music playing and students cheering are common noises to hear outside the Quad volleyball court. This is a popular place for students to compete against one other and test their beach volleyball skills. Serve’s up!

2.  Watkins Art Galleries

Watkins Hall is the home to art and computer science majors. In the center of the building, there is an art gallery that changes every two months with different displays from local artists, students and faculty members. Did I mention WSU student admission to these galleries is free?

3.  Animals in the SLC

Lizards, dragons and beetles, oh my! These are just a few of the many animals that live in the Science Laboratory Complex. As I was taking pictures of the Chinese Water Dragon, a biology lab assistant gave me a full tour of all the animals in the animal care facility that call Pasteur Hall their home. Well, all except for the 50 salamanders that are being studied by a professor in the basement!

4.  Study Lounges in the SLC

The grand entrance of the Science Laboratory Complex provides lots of room for studying alone or in groups. If you’re looking for a spot that’s a little more secluded and quiet, this living room setup is furnished with couches, plush chairs and a printer. You can find these study lounges on every level, but the one on the third floor has a great view overlooking the prairie grass garden and the bluffs peaking up over Watkins Hall. There is also an open study terrace located right above the lecture hall you see in the atrium. (Fun fact: this terrace used to be where Tutoring Services was located!)

5.  Greenhouse in the SLC

Plants aren’t the only thing living in Winona State’s greenhouse. Besides the luscious greens, our greenhouse is home to two painted turtles. There is one female and one male painted turtle–and boy, do they love enjoying the views of the bluffs from the top story of Pasteur Hall.

Take a virtual tour of the SLC to scope out other sweet spots!


6.  Koi Pond

A quiet sanctuary for many koi fish (and studious Warriors) lives right outside the Performing Arts Center. The koi pond features a small waterfall that dribbles into the pond, giving the fish fresh water.

7.  PAC lookout

The second-floor balcony of the Performing Arts Center is a great place to finish up some last-minute homework before heading to class. There is a row of tables around a wall of glass that overlooks the heart of campus.

8.  Puppies in the Courtyard

While sitting outside in the grass or on one of the many benches on campus, you’re bound to see a friendly face with a wiggly tail pass by.

9.  Restaurant-Style Booths in the SAC

If Zane’s seating area is full and you need a spot to eat lunch, or you want to chill in a spot with less background noise, try the booths in the Student Activities Center (SAC). They are all equipped with outlets and ethernet cords, so you can recharge your devices while you enjoy your lunch.


Find your on-campus getaway at your new home: Winona State University!


Updated by Hailey Seipel (09/04/2019)