Being a college student during a pandemic isn’t ideal, especially as a first-year. But this doesn’t mean you won’t get the most out of your education. 


Winona State University understands, now more than ever, technology is important for your academic success. That’s why we offer the eWarrior Program to all our full-time undergrads.


This program comes with a ton of perks for those learning in the digital age, and I’ve broken down five of them for you below.



1. You get your very own device… and you get to choose


Choose between a Mac or PC—there’s no right or wrong. (But make sure you pick the laptop model that will best complement your area of study.)


We were one of the first universities in the nation to offer every student their own computer!


Having your own device eliminates the time and stress of finding a laptop during your free-time. The eWarrior Program also provides students with laptop upgrades every two years, so you’ll always keep up with the latest technology and software.



2. Your laptop comes fully-configured


Your laptop will immediately be equipped with several apps and software.  These pre-installations include both the Adobe and Microsoft suites, as well as  Cloud storage, anti-virus, and anti-spyware.  


Having the right resources right away lets you enjoy your device knowing that you truly have everything you need to succeed at WSU.



3. You can use your device for work and play 


Your laptop has many uses. You can: 


  • get in touch with your classmates and professors through email or D2L Brightspace
  • create presentations and write papers solo or with a group while socially distanced
  • conduct research
  • submit homework online


You can also stream music, movies and TV shows, or scroll through the web when you decide to take a (well-deserved) study break.



4. You can purchase your laptop upon graduation


That’s right, seniors can buy out their laptops when they graduate for as low as $25. 


This is a great option for students who are ready to enter the workforce or continue their schooling beyond WSU.



5. You can lean on Tech Support for… well, support 


As important as it is, technology doesn’t always agree with us. That’s why Tech Support is there for you regardless of what you need, from backups to troubleshooting to cleaning services. 


Whenever you have a question or could use some help, give Tech Support a call, send them an email, or join their Zoom Room, so you can get back to learning stress-free.



Although your college experience may be a little different, COVID-19 shouldn’t stop you from getting the most out of your education.


Achieve academic success during a pandemic at Winona State—you won’t find our eWarrior Program anywhere else!


Updated by Hailey Seipel on July 24, 2020