For all of you incoming freshman who have worked diligently throughout high school to achieve credit for college classes, this blog is intended to inform you on how the process of transferring credits works. The most common credits to transfer for incoming freshmen are AP and PSEO credits.

It is important to note that WSU will determine what credits transfer and whether they meet degree requirements.


A student talking with a staff person in the Warrior Hub.

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Here are a few important details about AP course credits and PSEO credits and how they transfer to WSU.


AP Credits


WSU gives undergrad course credits for scores 3 or higher on most AP exams.

You will need to score a 4 or 5 to receive three college credits toward WSU’s freshman English requirement (ENG 111).

  • Then you would only have to take ENG 112 to complete graduation requirements.
  • If you score a 3 on the English AP test, you receive 3 general elective credits.


Post-Secondary Enrollment Option (PSEO)


  • Students enrolled in PSEO courses must transfer those credits to WSU regardless of grade.
  • You can use equivalent courses through Transferology.
  • If your PSEO or College in the Schools (CIS) credits are from a Minnesota State college or university, let WSU Admissions know so they can bring those transcripts in.
  • If your credit is earned at a college that’s not a Minnesota state school, you will need to ask that college to send your official transcript to WSU admissions.
  • Note: the University of Minnesota and its branch campuses are not a part of the Minnesota State system.


Transferring Credits Saved Me Time & Money


When I applied to WSU, my CIS Spanish credits transferred and fulfilled a General Education Goal requirement which means I did not have to take any additional Spanish classes or another course in that Goal area when I came to WSU. Although it may not seem like a lot, coming into college with four credits saved me time and money.

From personal experience, I can assure you that the academic challenges that come with taking advanced classes in high school, whether that be AP or PSEO classes, are well worth the stress. To juniors in high school, if you have not already, look at the courses available at your school and decide if you are willing to exhort the extra effort during high school. Doing so could save you time and money, attribute to your future success, and get you a step ahead of your peers.

Transfer to WSU


Transfer Your Credits Today!


To get your credits transferred, take a look back at the scores received on your AP tests and send them in to WSU to see if any classes can be taken off your course load. If you are a student who chose to post out, remember to get in contact with the Admissions Office to get your credits transferred over.

Best of luck seniors as you embark on the last half of your school year. During this time, remember WSU looks forward to helping you transfer college credits that you have worked incredibly hard to achieve.


Updated by Hailey Seipel (08/13/2019)