Meeting a whole new community of people at college is often a daunting thought for incoming freshman. But the best way to meet new friends is to just be yourself and let it happen naturally. During Welcome Week, everyone is walking into a new environment and looking to meet people.

Here is some advice from a couple students who met their best friend last year during Welcome Week!

“Coming to college I had a pretty open mind about meeting new people, but I did not anticipate meeting one of my closest friends from college, in the line for the cafeteria. It was within the first month of being on campus and I was meeting my roommates in the cafeteria for lunch.

I remember being in a super good mood and I turned around and said hello to the girl behind me in line. I invited her to sit with my friends and I, and that encounter turned into a super exciting new friendship.”  – Dani Bina ‘21

Meeting someone in an unexpected way is not uncommon in college because there are so many opportunities available to students. Getting involved in clubs and not being afraid during Welcome Week are a couple ways to fully experience the opportunities to meet other students.

Janae ice skating with her friends.

“I would tell the freshmen to not be afraid. Try new, healthy activities and join clubs you wouldn’t normally choose. Branch out because everyone is just as nervous as you, if not more, and if they say they aren’t they are probably lying. Don’t slack and stay ahead of the game early. It will work out for your benefit in the end!” – Kayleigh Cleveland ‘20

Don’t be afraid to keep joining new clubs and activities throughout the school year because you will meet many of your friends further into the year. As long as you are getting involved in activities that you enjoy and make you happy, the rest will fall in place.

We hope to hear some of your stories when you get on campus!