WSU has a population of about 8,000 students, give or take, and that puts us at the smaller end of medium-sized—making us smedium.

As a WSU Admissions Counselor in-training, I can tell you all about our campus and population. I could recite the facts and numbers to you, but what I’d like you to take away from this post is what smedium actually means.


Your Professors Are Your Biggest Supporters

WSU Classroom

Photo by: Amy Nelson ’20

There’s only an 18:1 student-to-professor ratio at WSU, so you can build relationships with your instructors easily. My professors all know me by name and stop to say high in the halls or at the grocery store. Your success is a top priority for them, and they show it.

I’ve had professors from the English department take time out of their day to specifically work with me on essays. One-on-one discussions with instructors are not unusual at WSU—I’d even say they’re common.

Once you’re registered as a WSU Warrior, you’ll be assigned an academic advisor; a faculty member from your department. These advisors meet with you at least once a semester. They keep track of your progress on the road to your degree and make sure you’re thriving in your academic environment. Scheduling, graduation and department questions can all be handled by them.

My advisor, Dr. Oness, has consistently been by my side my entire college career. Her experience in my aspiring career field makes her knowledgeable about graduate programs, job opportunities and important figures to network with—all of which she has passed on to me.






Campus Is Your Home


Main Campus is four blocks by four blocks—so, imagine two football fields next to each other. You can walk from one end to the other in five minutes, and there are no roads cutting through. The only thing you have to watch out for at a smedium university is other students walking to class.

Our campus is filled with a large courtyard of green space—perfect for clubs to host events. Bean-bag toss, tie-dye art, live music and bake sales are just some of the activities you’ll see when walking around campus. Feel free to soak up the fleeting Minnesota warm weather by lounging on the grass or stringing up a hammock right on campus. The classic college game of frisbee is also encouraged.

The Winona Community Welcomes You

Levee Park

Photo by: Mary Farrel


The city of Winona has a population of 27,000. We are very much a college town, with two universities and one two-year college in the area. Mostly, those who attend these schools are what we call “traditional students,” between the ages of 18 and 22. As a result, Winona is a very lively town for its size and you’ll be surrounded by like-minded peers.

WSU is also located three to four blocks from downtown Winona: filled with coffee shops, restaurants, two grocery stores (one is even organic), a movie theater and an event venue at Levee Park. All of this is within easy walking or biking distance.

There’s often a delicate balance when choosing a college based on size. Being too big could mean getting lost in the scuffle. Being too small could mean a lack of activities for entertainment. Thankfully, Winona and WSU happen to be situated close enough to the larger cities of La Crosse and Rochester to satisfy any longing for the hustle and bustle you may have.

But of course, the best way to know what smedium means is is to see it for yourself. Schedule your visit to WSU to see what WSU can offer you!


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Updated by Hailey Seipel (09/22/2019)