Are you committed to attend WSU this fall? If so, don’t be afraid to start showing off your school pride!

One way to show your commitment to WSU is by decorating your graduation cap with a WSU theme. High school graduation can be a very sentimental time, especially for our families. Take this opportunity to remind your friends and family how excited you are to be #WinonaBound and to be a #FutureWarrior.

For graduation cap decoration inspiration, check out this video tutorial and read through the step-by-step instructions below:



Step-by-Step Instructions

  • Gather your supplies. Here is our supply list:
    • Graduation Cap (Don’t forget your tassel!)
    • Glue
    • Card-stock paper
    • Pencil / Marker
    • Scissors
    • Decorations such as a big ribbon or washi tape
    • PDF template for the WSU flaming W
  • Cut the paper to match the width of the graduation cap. For a typical graduation cap, you only need 8.5×11 sized paper.
  • Cut out a small circle in the middle of the cap. Do this so that the paper can lay flat on your cap. This will also help you attach your tassel at the very end. Another tip for this step is to use a penny to help cut out the circle. We didn’t show this in the video but the circle is about the same size as a penny.
  • Add whatever decorations you want. Rummage through thrift stores to find unique decorations to add to your hat. We found our big, sparkly bow at Goodwill for only $2! Also, you can print off letters to cut out, or you can cut out some vinyl letters with adhesive on the back to make your life a little easier. Be sure to glue down your decorations to ensure they will last throughout graduation day.
  • Glue the base of the paper to the top of your graduation cap. In the video we used rubber cement, but we found that it only held in some areas, not all. We suggest that you invest in some E6000 glue instead.
  • Attach your tassel.
  • Wear your graduation cap and rep WSU with pride!

For more design ideas, check out our WSU Graduation Pinterest board. WSU Class of 2023, we are so excited to see you on campus this fall.