2020 has been one heck of a year. From having the semester transitioning to online, hardly seeing friends and classmates, and canceling in-person events and meetings, but despite it all, this year has brought me closer to my Warrior pride. 

This school year I’ve found myself more involved and connected than ever before. I joined more clubs and organizations and I stepped out of my comfort zone and applied for board positions. Throughout my time at Winona State University, I’ve joined clubs and organizations such as the African Student Association (ASA), TRIO, Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA), Spirit Week Committee, the Warrior Entertainment Network, and KQAL.

I remember my freshman year walking around at the club fair amazed by the numerous clubs WSU had to offer. I wanted to be a member of every club, but I knew with classes that wasn’t possible. I found clubs that sparked my interest and quickly joined. Through these clubs, I’ve made amazing friendships, become more knowledgeable, and dedicated time to WSU.

If I could give any advice to an incoming freshman, it would be to join a club. Through clubs and organizations, I’ve made lifelong friends with who I have created memories and stories. From organizing choreography for events to going on trips, and participating in activities, all have allowed me to become closer with my friends.

While growing closer to my friends, I have also been able to learn much more than I could’ve ever imagined and have become more knowledgeable in areas that I have an interest in. Through these clubs I’ve learned the importance of being a leader, standing up for what you believe in, going after your dreams, and having fun. I’ve spent many hours on campus planning for events, learning about different fields in PR, and much more. Being involved on campus is important, I’ve learned that spending time on campus has allowed me to create memories and make the most out of my time at WSU.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, I’ve been able to stay connected through my involvement. This year I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone by applying for positions in a variety of clubs. This semester I was on the Spirit Week Committee, as the co-planner for events. Recently, I’ve received the position of the Public Relations Director for the Warrior Entertainment Network. These positions have allowed me meet so many new WSU students who I have formed a bond with. We all have had the opportunity to keep the WSU spirit alive on campus and through Zoom during the pandemic.

This has been one crazy year which had interrupted my vision of what I thought the school year would be like, but it surprised me by bringing me closer to my WSU pride. It’s allowed me to become more involved at WSU and staying connected despite it all. I’ve been able to meet more people, keep the school spirit alive, and step out of my comfort zone. Fall semester went amazing, now I can’t wait to see what the spring semester holds.

Authored by Roberta Kennedy