Once you attend Winona State University, you will hear people mention the Warrior Hub a lot. If you don’t know exactly what the Warrior Hub does, you’ve come to the right place because they offer some vital services that all students should know about.

The Warrior Hub is located on the second floor of Maxwell Hall and is your one-stop shop for everything important like registration, financial aid, working on campus and more. They also offer many of their resources online to assist you, no matter where you are!

Here is what you need to know about the Warrior Hub and everything they do!

Manager of Your Academic Profile

The Warrior Hub is where the Registrar Office is located. This office is also known as Records and Registration Services, and they keep track of all your academic records and manage your registration for classes. They can handle any and all questions you might have about classes or your DARS. You can also reach them from anywhere by emailing wa********@wi****.edu or calling 507-457-2800.

Want to change your major or minor? The Registrar’s Office also handles this. And you can easily make this switch online through Student & Academic Records, but always check with your advisor before going forward.

Need to update your address or want to change your name to keep your academic files up to date? The Registrar Office is also who you will notify, and this can be done online through Student & Academic Records as well. To change your address, you can either email the Registrar’s Office or do it manually through eServices.

To change your name, you will need to print and fill out one of two forms found online and mail it to the Warrior Hub—or drop it off in person.

Expert of Everything Money

The Warrior Hub, home to Student Account Services, is also where you will go to pay your tuition or where you will send your tuition payments online. And Financial Aid Services, also located here, plays an important part in this. They know everything about college finances and ways to pay for college. They are also in charge of dispersing any loans, grants, or scholarships you are awarded into your tuition.

Have questions about financial aid, like what different types of financial aid are out there or which types you might qualify for? You can email them at fi*********@wi****.edu or call them at 507-457-5090.

They also offer information about personal money management to help you stay on top of your finances while at college and beyond, which you should check out for some helpful, lifelong tips!

Head of Student Employment

If you want to work on campus, the Warrior Hub is also where you will find the Student Employment Department and the Student Payroll Office. If you have any questions about working on campus or want to know if you are eligible for on-campus work (i.e. student help positions or work study—yes, there’s a difference!), you can stop by in person or email the department at st************@wi****.edu.

If you are hired for an on-campus job and have never worked on campus before, you will need to physically go to the department to fill out several tax forms, even if your employment is a telework position. Also, don’t forget to bring two forms of identification with you.

I needed to complete this “new hire” process when I started my telework internship with the MarComm Department at the start of the semester. Even though there were several steps involved in the process, I would recommend on-campus work because it’s convenient, flexible, and you are able to learn new skills in an environment you’re already familiar with!

Other Services: Parking & Student IDs

While they aren’t a part of the Warrior Hub, the second floor of Maxwell Hall is also (conveniently) the headquarters for Parking Services and your Campus Card. This is also where you will go or who you will contact to get a WSU parking permit or to get or replace your Warrior ID card.

As you can see, the Warrior Hub—as the name suggests—provides all of these services in one convenient place, and you can get most of their assistance from anywhere! The Warrior Hub is here to ensure your college experience is the best it can be, so it’s important that all WSU students know about everything they do.

Authored by Anjuli Harris