Everybody has a favorite food. Pasta, burgers, curry, sushi…. anything is a good choice. However, the real king of the food world is the sandwich. While they’re certainly tasty, they also serve as utensil-less vehicles of flavor. In Winona, there’s plenty of choices to fill that empty hole in your stomach. Based off of my taste testing, these are the five local sandwiches that fill it best:

1) Sunflower Veggie – Blue Heron Coffeehouse

Typically, vegetarian sandwiches tend to be a little boring. Either the sauce doesn’t give it enough flavor, or the veggies are cheap and plastic-y, or there just isn’t enough going on in the sammie to give it that kick of flavor. The Sunflower Veggie, however, is perfection. The mix of their herbed cream cheese, sprouts, and the grainy bread makes for some stellar grub.

2) Hummus BLT on Cranberry Bread – Blooming Grounds

This one, at first, makes no sense as a sandwich. Garlic hummus? With Bacon? And Cranberries? Nah, that can’t work. Well you know what, it totally does. The bacon and hummus give a much needed salty side to the sweet cranberry bread. Plus, they throw it through a panini press so you know it’s going to be good. Paninis are always good.

3) Full Combo – The Acoustic Cafe

This one’s a doozy! Acoustic’s warm sandwiches are always great, but the Combo takes it a bit further. Four kinds of meats, lettuce, tomato, peppers and the best sauce you could hope to ask for. Just be sure to go all out and get the full size. You’re gonna need it.

4) Cowboy Chicken on Focaccia – Winona Sandwich Company

This is a bit more specific than the others, seeing that I’ve been working on perfecting this for three years. The Cowboy chicken on it’s own is alright, but on focaccia bread it’s miraculous. Add in some sprouts, pico de gallo, lettuce, tomato and extra hot sauce and you’ve got a spicy piece of grub you’ll want to consume in perpetuity.

5) Turkey Aioli Sandwich – Bluff Country Co-op

The final, and most simplistic sandwich on the list, is the definition of “comfy.” The Co-op’s Aioli is pretty stellar, and when mixed with the turkey adds up to another super good sammie. The only downside is it’s only sold every so often, so you’ll have to keep your eyes open for it!