As students move into the new stage of college, they want to leave behind everything associated with high school. They want to move on to a new place, with new people and new opportunities.

However, it’s important to not get rid of everything that has gotten you to this stage of your life. If you were successful in high school, you have a great toolbox in place to make you successful in college. You have learned and developed skills and abilities to help you conquer the world of academics, extra-curriculars, and personal health.

While college presents different challenges and situations, the ways you’ve learned to overcome obstacles in high school are important to transfer to your college experience.

Use your academic tools

Earning a degree is the reason for attending college, making solid study habits essential to a successful college experience. Knowing what study methods worked and didn’t work for you will help you in deciding how you should study in college.

If it was helpful for you in high school to get to know your teachers well, get to know your professors in college. If it was helpful for you to attend study groups outside of class, make an appointment with Tutoring Services at Winona State.

While academics are important, there are other aspects of life that college students need to actively monitor and evaluate.

Apply your tools to activities

Being involved seems to be stressed more and more in high school. Many high schoolers have grown used to piling activity after activity on their plates. What made you successful in your high school extra-curriculars will make you successful in college activities.

Be cautious of joining too many clubs and taking on too many projects but be sure to get involved on campus to stay connected in your community. On WSU’s campus there are over 180 clubs and organizations available to students and it could be easy to become over-involved. If you knew that being involved in multiple extracurricular activities affected your personal health in high school, be conscious of that fact as you begin college.

Know the resources on your campus

Set yourself up to receive the assistance you need to remain successful while at college. In each office on campus, there are people willing and ready to meet student’s needs. Get yourself set up with Access Services or the Inclusion & Diversity Office. Make an appointment with who you need to and then be sure to maintain that relationship throughout your time at school.

It’s important to get set up with someone in health services right away when you get on campus. If you have needed any type of service from health services in the past, make sure that you are proactive and know the resources available to you before you get to campus. This way, you can start using the resources right away when you arrive on campus. Health services are available to students through Health and Wellness Services.

If you were an athlete in high school, you’re used to having a schedule and enjoy a lot of physical activity. When you get to college, go to the IWC regularly and keep yourself on a consistent schedule.

Your toolbox is full of tools to help you be successful in college, don’t be afraid to pull them out and use them!