Transferring to a new university can be a nerve-racking experience, which is why WSU is eager to help students transition smoothly and feel right at home. The transfer process at WSU is designed with students in mind to make your transition as easy as possible.

Emma Groscop, a senior at WSU, said, “The transfer process at Winona State University was an incredibly smooth process.”


A student talking with a warrior hub staff person.

Photo by Garrett Super ’20


Start the Process


If you’re considering transferring to WSU, here are the first few steps to become a Warrior:

1. Apply

Complete the application process and then send in your official transcript.

2. Attend a Registration Day

Each student will have a designated day either in April, June, or August to register for classes, pick up your laptop, and take your picture for your ID card. You will be notified of your Registration Day via email ahead of time.

3. Talk with an Admissions Representative

You can talk to an admissions representative anytime you need. They are here to help answer any of your questions.

“The transfer admissions staff helped take away almost all the stress of moving to a new school.” – Emma Groscop ‘19

Sarah Curtin, Transfer Admissions Associate Director Transfer Specialist, and Rodrigo Vega, Assistant Director of Admissions Transfer Coordinator, are two people who will be of great help to any transfer students who have questions about the transition process.


Transfer Your Credits


When you meet with an admissions representative, you will discuss which credits you have already completed. The admissions counselors will assist with transferring credits you have earned prior to attending WSU. According to WSU’s policy, any credits earned at an accredited college or university will be reviewed for application toward your major. This is a reminder that WSU admission representatives oversee and determine how previous courses count towards a degree at this university.

I came in with 86 credits and a lot of them were high level credits, but the admissions staff were super helpful and guided me in finding course equivalencies to make sure that I got credit for all my work.” – Emma Groscop ‘19

Admissions counselors can also help you figure out which classes you will need to take at WSU, based on the major you choose, in order to graduate.


The Key to a Smooth Transition: Finding Community


After you are accepted to WSU, you can begin to expand your social network. Here are a few ways to build your community:

1. Join the transfer student Facebook group.

This group allows you to connect with other transfer students and be in the know of events going on at WSU and within the Winona community.

2. Attend the free Welcome Week picnic, which takes place approximately one week before classes officially begin in the fall.

At this event, students can enjoy a free meal, come together and go on a student-led tour highlighting the unique parts of campus.

3. Keep your eyes open for emails that you will receive from admission counselors.

They will reach out to see how you are adjusting to Winona, how your classes are going, and if there is anything they can do to offer support and further make your transition process easier. Do not be afraid to ask questions—that is what they are there for!


WSU looks forward to helping you transfer to our university and guide you in becoming a successful Warrior.

For potential transfer students with questions on the transfer process, reach out to WSU Admissions through email at or by calling 507-457-5100.


Updated by Hailey Seipel (08/13/2019)