Double majoring in college sounds scary and like a lot to take on, but double majoring in English is so worth it.

First thing to know is that there are six different English majors offered at Winona State. These include English Literature and Language, English Writing, Applied and Professional Writing, Applied Linguistics, Communication Arts and Literature (CAL), and Teaching English as a second Language (TESOL). Once I got the rundown of all the different English majors, I chose English writing and then later added on Applied and Professional Writing.

When I Chose to Double Major:

My two majors that I chose to have are English Writing and English Applied and Professional Writing. It was my sophomore year, and I was registering for classes with my academic advisor when she pointed out to me that I had a lot of classes that crossed over in both majors. I would only need a few extra classes to add the second major, so I did it.

Why I Chose to Double Major:

I chose to add the extra major because it looks good on a job application and it will give me more areas of work to go into. I was first an English Writing major which I chose because I want to write; then I added the Applied and Professional Writing major because it teaches me a whole different thing. With this second major, I will be able to write formal documents with companies. When adding this major I fully thought about my future and how many more job opportunities I could apply for.

Why it is Easy to Double Major in English:

Majoring in English is great, but what is even better is double majoring, and it is so simple. School wise, the best part of English double majoring is that it is not that much extra work. A lot of classes overlap between English majors meaning that I could take one class and it will count towards both of my majors. If I am remembering correctly by adding my second major I only needed to take an additional four classes because the rest were already needed for my original major.

If you chose to be an English major in while at WSU look into adding two or more English majors to build your knowledge and your future. This choice might not be for everyone, but I know I am very thankful I did.

Authored by Lucy LaValley ’21