We all know Move-In Day seems daunting and stressful, especially as a first-year student, but it’s honestly a breeze.

It’s tough to guess what to expect when moving in because you haven’t done it before, so here’s a shortened list of what to expect on your move-in day.


We recommend that you wear an outfit that you’ll be comfortable moving around in and accommodates for the weather forecast.


An email telling where to park on your move-in day will be sent to your student email address about five days prior.

Welcome Crew

Welcome Crew is a group of students, faculty, and staff volunteer to help incoming first-year students with their move-in. They can help you find where you’re supposed to go and as the name states… welcome you to WSU!

Once you find your parking spot, you should head to the front desk of your residence hall to check in for your move-in appointment.

Move-In Appointment

Your move-in appointment will be held at the front desk of your residence hall.

During your appointment, you’ll be given your room key and Warrior ID and you’ll be checked into the residence hall. If your student ID isn’t ready yet, you’ll be given a temporary ID, which you need to return after you finish moving your belongings into your room.

You’ll also be asked if you want a loft kit, which costs $50 per semester.

Room Key

You’ll only get one room key during your move-in appointment.

If you lose or damage your room key during the year, report it to your RA immediately, so you can get a new key cut or have the lock for your room changed at an extra cost.

Student ID

Student IDs grant students access to their residence halls and other buildings that can only be accessed by students.

Student IDs are also used at the dining hall for meal swipes and dining currency like Dining Dollars.

While you’re moving your items into the residence hall, make use of the amenities there for all students to use like moving carts, elevators, ramped entrances, etc.

Moving Carts

Moving carts are in the lobby of your residence hall and range from large moving bins to rolling wire shelves to small shopping carts. Please return any moving carts you use back to the lobby of the residence hall when you aren’t using them.

Once you’ve finished moving in and returned all your borrowed items to their right places, you can finally sit and relax.

Take a stroll around campus or grab some food with your family and friends who helped you move in. You could also introduce yourself to your RA and other students who are living on the same floor and in the same residence hall as you!

Trust me: Move-In Day is a breeze, especially with all the people willing to help you every step of the way.

We hope you’re ready for another wonderful year here at WSU because we’re ready for you!

Megan Johnson