When you’re comparing colleges, one of the main things you’ll probably consider is the cost of tuition. Luckily for you, I created this breakdown of WSU tuition costs to keep you from breaking down at the first sight of the price tag.

At Winona State University, your money directly pays for many services and resources you’ll use every day as a Warrior. Although there are other nearby colleges that are less expensive, cheaper doesn’t mean better!

So without further ado, here’s an explanation of what tuition fees cover and why they’re important.


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Plain and simple: your tuition pays for your classes taken at WSU. However, the total listed on your bill depends on a few factors, especially:

  • Residency. Your residency status has a big impact on your tuition. This refers to how close your permanent address is to WSU. A general rule of thumb is in-state residents tend to pay less than non-residents.
  • Credits & Degree Type. The number of credits you’re enrolled in also affects the cost of your tuition. Whether you’re a full-time or part-time undergraduate or graduate student, your tuition may increase or decrease. The same case applies for if you’re taking classes online or as part of a particular academic program, like Nursing or Composite Materials Engineering.


Photo by Kelsa Katzfey ’21


Room & Board

Room and board is just a fancy phrase for your housing and meal plan. Like tuition, the total listed on your bill for room and board depends on personal preferences.

Your room rate is determined by which type of room and which residence hall you want to live in. For more information on campus housing options, take a tour House Hunters-style.

Room rates also cover the cost of:

  • Security, including staff and camera maintenance 
  • Busing and other transportation services
  • Technology, including Wi-Fi network, TV cable and Warrior ID card access
  • Hall Council and residence hall programming, including free and inclusive building- and floor-specific events
  • Utilities and maintenance 

Because your meal plan is tied to your housing selection, all students living on campus must have a meal plan. You can choose a seven, 10, 14 or 19 meal plan. These numbers correspond to the number of meals you get per week in the Main Campus cafeteria. 

Each meal plan also includes a designated amount of Kryzsko Kash, which is our on-campus currency. This allows you to eat at other WSU dining locations. For an in-depth breakdown of meal plans and your food choices, read up on our all-inclusive grub guide.


Get the Most out of Additional Fees to the Very Last Cent

Along with tuition and room and board, there are also some extra fees that pop up on your bill. 


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eWarrior Digital Life & Learning Fee – $485.00

Okay, I know what you’re thinking—this one’s quite a doozy. Bear with me, though. It’s totally worth it!

All full-time students receive a fully-configured laptop of their choice. You can pick between a Macbook or HP. Both devices have their own set of advantages, but it all depends on your personal preference. It’s recommended to choose the system that best complements your academic program

Laptops are renewed every two years, which guarantees that students are up-to-date. WSU students can then buy their devices post-graduation so they don’t have to purchase a laptop elsewhere.

The eWarrior Digital Life & Learning Fee of $485.00 helps pay for the laptop program. This program grants students immediate access to many different software and applications, such as Microsoft Office. This fee also covers the cost of the daily operation and maintenance of Tech Support. From providing damage protection to cleaning services, this vital resource ensures students always have a shoulder to lean on. 


A group of students work together on laptop in the WSU library.

Technology Fee – $103.60

Technology is part of our everyday lives at WSU

The Technology Fee of $103.60 helps pay for the core network infrastructure. Students have access to free Wi-Fi across campus, even outside in the courtyard. This allows every Warrior to find their perfect study spot without having to sacrifice good service. Academic technologies are also covered by this fee. Such technologies include:

  • Projectors and SmartBoards, which bring your professors’ presentations and lectures to life
  • Printers, toner, ink and paper, located in every academic building and residence hall (PS this means you get a free printing quota of 2,000 black and white pages per year, so you don’t have to pay for personal printer maintenance and supplies)
  • Software and application contract renewals, such as hundreds of library databases perfect for your research projects
  • Warrior ID card access, which promotes your safety across all of campus


Photo by Kelsa Katzfey ’21


Athletics Fee – $54.96

Our Warrior Athletics include hundreds of talented athletes across 10 Division-II sports. There is always a game to watch year-round, so there’s something for everyone to get excited about and cheer for.

The Athletics Fee of $54.96 helps pay for discounted student tickets. WSU students can attend all home sporting events for free, which means you’ll have some extra cash in your pocket for concessions!

Want to know just how much you’re saving as a student versus if you purchased tickets to each individual game? Look no further:

  • Football – $15/ticket x 5 games = $75.00
  • Volleyball – $15/ticket x 10 games = $150.00
  • Soccer – $15/ticket x 8 games = $120.00

Buying tickets individually is nearly twice as much as our one-time semesterly fee. This fee also covers various team costs. These team costs include athlete recruitment, athletic trainers and staff, team insurance and apparel.


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Wellness Center Fee – $86.04

It’s one thing to be a Warrior. With the help of the Integrated Wellness Center, you can look like a Warrior, too!

This building is your exercise hub, including a triple-decker fitness center and indoor swimming pool. Sign up for club sports and intramural teams all year-round. Join in on free group fitness classes and challenge yourself with a certified personal trainer. Then take the time to recover afterward with massage therapy.

The Wellness Center Fee of $86.04 helps pay for the construction, maintenance and daily operation of the IWC.

Curious as to how our semesterly fee compares to nearby gym memberships? No worries, I’ve got your back:

Think of our Wellness Center Fee like a $17/month gym membership. The comps just can’t beat our amazing deal.


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Health Service Fee – $73.92

It’s easy to stay on your health A-game with the help of Health & Wellness and Counseling Services. Both offices are located in the IWC. 

Health & Wellness provides an on-campus clinic Warriors can turn to when they’re feeling under the weather. You’ll be covered head to toe with primary and specialty care services. Need an immunization or a sports physical? This is the place to go. Need advice on symptoms you’re experiencing ASAP? Ping the Ask-a-Nurse message line.

Counseling Services are also available to WSU students. This office supports positive mental health through various resources. These resources range from free confidential counseling to fun campus-wide events. Counseling Services is a safe environment run by a professional, certified team.

The Health Service Fee of $73.92 helps pay for the maintenance and daily operation of Health & Wellness and Counseling Services in the IWC. 


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Student Life Fee – $84.96

The Student Life Fee of $84.96 helps pay for the expenses relating to various student life opportunities on campus, including:

There are hundreds of more events held every academic year. There’s something for sports fanatics, art enthusiasts and avid leaders alike!


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Student Union Facility Fee – $136.00

The Student Union is considered the hub of student activities. It is located in the lower level of Kryzsko Commons and closeby to lots of other offices and helpful resources, such as:

The Students Union Fee of $136.00 helps pay for the maintenance and daily operation of Kryzsko Commons, along with all its many subparts.


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Students United Fee – $9.15

All students in the MinnState schooling system pay this fee to maintain Students United. Students United is a nonprofit organization that acts as a workers union for Minnesota State college students. 

The student leaders, or Board of Directors, include the seven Student Government Presidents in our system (including WSU’s president Kaitlyn Mercier). They represent their respective universities and advocate for the overall betterment of student life. They do this by supporting various issues, such as textbook affordability and fully-funded tuition freezes. 

The Board of Directors advocates for these important matters at a campus, system, federal and national level. To do this, they talk with their representatives at the State Capitol in St. Paul and in Washington, D.C.

The Students United Fee of $9.15 helps pay for staff members and covers the cost of holding annual conferences and advocacy trips.


Although your tuition bill on eServices may seem daunting at first, your money is going toward many incredible on-campus services and resources. The best part is that fees are evenly distributed across thousands of students, meaning lower costs for each individual Warrior!

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