Maxwell Hall

Maxwell Hall is located on the northern edge of Main Campus between the Science Laboratory Center (SLC), Pasteur Hall, Stark Hall and Somsen Hall.

Maxwell Hall features a variety of helpful offices and resource centers as well as a comfy study lounge on the first floor.

What’s In This Building?

Admissions Office

This office is used for:

  • Acceptance to WSU
  • Housing & campus tours
  • Recruitment events

Study Abroad Office

This office is used for:

  • Planning for travel programs
  • Assistance with the application process & paperwork

Warrior Hub

This resource center is used for:

  • Financial Aid & employment
  • Records & registration
  • Campus cards & permits

Warrior Success Center

This resource center is used for:

  • Advising Services
  • Career Services
  • Tutoring Services
  • Access Services

Academic Departments

Maxwell Hall is home to the departments of:

Admissions Office

There’s no place like home! As a prospective student, you’re bound to hear from this office at least a few times. The Admissions Office is considered the “face” of the University because they’re often the first point of contact that students have.

The Admissions Office is located on the first floor of Maxwell Hall. This office is your go-to resource if you have a question about applying to WSU and general requirements as well as any of these:

  • PSEO, AP, IB, and CLEP transfer credits
  • ACT/SAT test scores
  • State Reciprocity Agreements
  • Veteran’s benefits

Immerse yourself in the Warrior life by attending an Admissions presentation, housing and campus tour, or other recruitment event on campus. Our counselors and tour guides are happy to answer your questions.

The Admissions Office can also help first-year and transfer students with their needs in person or by phone.

Want to contact a specific University department but not sure which number to dial? No sweat. The Admissions team will help you make the right connections to other areas. From student life to athletics to an academic department.

Study Abroad Office

We encourage you to leave us while you’re here… well, at least for a bit. So, explore the world and earn credit, too.

Whether you’re seeking short- or long-term study, the Study Abroad Office on the first floor of Maxwell Hall offers two types of programs with tons of opportunities.


These programs are taught by WSU faculty and can last two to four weeks during the summer, spring break, and winter break.

Faculty-led programs are planned and organized in advance specifically for a group of WSU students. That means you won’t study and travel alone.


These are immersive programs held at a host university or institute that can last a summer, one semester or an academic year.

For those who want a longer time to live and study in another country, semester/summer programs offer a much more independent experience.

And the payoff is huge: you get to live abroad, your way, for the ultimate cultural experience. Plus, semester exchange options allow you to pay WSU tuition while attending the host university.

You could find yourself studying the impact of sustainability on businesses in Scotland. Or the geology, culture, and natural history of Hawaii. Or the relationship between Eastern and American art in China. Or during your final year, you could find yourself student teaching all over the globe through Educators Abroad. You can even complete an internship abroad.

From Chile and South Korea to Germany and Hungary to Ecuador and Jamaica to Ireland, England, and the Czech Republic—the possibilities are endless.

And we’ll be here when you get back to hear all about your adventure!

Warrior Hub

Take care of business—whatever your business is.

Financial Aid

Want to learn more about paying for college? Visit Financial Aid and explore your options.

You can meet with a financial aid advisor to help you understand the application process and timeline.

Or you can take advantage of our free financial wellness programs and services like CashCourse. These will ensure personal smart money management while you’re a student.

Student Employment

Ready to build your resumé right here on campus?

Visit Student Employment and find a position that’s right for you.

There are work study and part-time jobs in almost every department. This allows you to earn money and gain professional experience to kickstart your career.

Records & Registration Services

Need to make a change to your student records? Visit Records & Registration Services and keep all your info up to date.

This office also handles all things related to your course registration, transcripts, and graduation status.

Warrior ID & Purple Pass

Deposit money onto your Warrior ID card and treat it as your very own campus debit card through the Purple Pass program.

Or replace your card if you lose it—no biggie.

Parking Permits

You can purchase a parking permit if you choose to bring a vehicle. Permits vary in price depending on the type of permit you purchase.

Permits are effective for one academic year.

The Warrior Hub on the second floor of Maxwell Hall is your ultimate hub for taking care of business.

Warrior Success Center

College is an exciting time, but it can also be a little intimidating. That’s why we’ve got your back with academic support.

WSU has many free resources through the Warrior Success Center on the third floor of Maxwell Hall, including Veteran student support services, for students of all academic levels.

Advising Services

Meet with an advisor who will work with you to choose a major and to ensure you’re on track to graduate.

Career Services

Feel more confident with your intended career path by attending yearly career fairs.

You can also receive assistance with writing your resumé and cover letter, enhancing your interview skills, and searching for jobs.

Tutoring Services

Stay on top of your classes with the help of certified student tutors.

You can become a tutor yourself and take advantage of a rewarding student employment opportunity.

Access Services

For those who have a documented disability, students have options for academic accommodations.

These accommodations include extended exam time, low-distraction testing environments, and alternate textbook formats.