Watkins Hall

Watkins Hall is located in the northwest corner of Main Campus between Gildemeister Hall and the Science Laboratory Center (SLC), Pasteur Hall and Stark Hall.

Watkins Hall features a handful of studios and state-of-the-art labs as well as two art galleries.

What’s In This Building?

State-of-the-Art Labs

Watkins Hall has a few creative labs, including:

  • Graphic Design Computer Lab
  • Graphic Design Production Lab
  • Software Testing and Development Lab

Art Galleries

Watkins Hall has two art galleries, including:

  • Paul Watkins Art Gallery
  • Weber Art Gallery

Academic Departments

Watkins Hall is home to the departments of:

State-of-the-Art Labs

Art & Design students have access to our 24-hour graphic art labs.

Graphic Design Computer Lab

The Graphic Design Computer Lab is equipped with:

  • Mac Pro and iMac units paired with Wacom Cintiq tablets and Dell monitors
  • Current versions of design, motion, digital imaging, web, sound, video, and animation software in each station

Graphic Design Production Lab

The Graphic Design Production Lab is equipped with:

  • Digital press and heat press
  • Large format ink-jet printer and 3D printers
  • Vinyl cutter and laser cutter and engraver
  • Sewing and textile production tools
  • Computer stations with dual monitor capabilities loaded with current software

Art & Design students also have access to a variety of other software and hardware.

With these high-end facilities and equipment, it’s easy for our students to bring all their creations to life.

Software Testing and Development Lab

For Computer Science students, the Software Testing and Development Lab provides testing, development, and other computer and networking services to local and regional businesses like IBM.

The best part: our students get paid to do this! Talk about a resumé booster.

Art Galleries

WSU is home to two on-campus art galleries.

Paul Watkins Art Gallery

Our first gallery, the Paul Watkins Art Gallery, showcases student, local and community artwork.

This gallery rotates professional exhibits multiple times a year. These exhibitions feature contemporary artists, capstone projects, and everything in between.

Did we mention that Warriors get free admission?

Weber Art Gallery

Our second gallery, the Weber Art Gallery, primarily showcases student artwork.

This gallery rotates solo student exhibits multiple times a year. This gallery also hosts Foundation shows and the occasional visit from contemporary artists.

Yep, there’s free admission to this gallery, too.

Past Art Exhibitions

We’ve hosted a variety of exhibitions in our Paul Watkins and Weber art galleries, including:

  • McKnight Ceramics
  • Art Muse
  • Winona: The Legend, The Place, The Women