2017 Annual Report

Annual Report & Donor Honor Roll

Dear Warriors,

The power of philanthropy is realized in many ways, but none more impactful than providing equitable access to higher education for all. In today’s world, students need both financial support and relevant learning environments in order to be successful, but that’s not all. The defining marks of a quality student experience also include access to advanced technology, outstanding programming, and state-of-the-art facilities.

With that in mind, Winona State University and the WSU Foundation continue to embrace meaningful opportunities associated with meeting the needs of today’s students. We have been purposeful over the course of the past year in establishing fundraising priorities to assist the University in strategic initiatives. These include enhancing our athletic and academic facilities, and supporting the extraordinary development of experiential learning opportunities necessary to equip our remarkable students with the tools they need to live out our mission of improving our world.

Your Foundation’s Trustees are taking action because the time has come to take greater strides – not just towards affordable accessibility of higher education, but towards our continued rightful place as a leader in today’s competitive higher education marketplace. Equipped with the knowledge and discoveries of the past 160 years, we must be poised to compete with other institutions that are also stretching the boundaries in many of these same areas.

Within the past several months, the Winona State University Foundation has launched several mini-campaigns to raise the necessary capital to support priorities identified by the University. The pursuit of these fundraising goals will help all of us associated with Winona State as we continue to raise our profile and position ourselves above the rest – as the premier institution of higher education in the region.

The mini-campaigns are fueled by a simple question: “What else could we be doing if we dare ask for the help to do it?” We could invest in a modernized discovery center for simulated learning, a state-of-the-art center for art and design, invaluable experiential learning opportunities in the business world, and world-class athletic facilities — all of which will allow us to share and collaborate at a higher level with our greater community. And in turn, we will continue to build our capacity at Winona State to serve the needs of our community even more effectively than we have ever done before.

With that, I’m writing to say thank you for your ongoing support of Winona State University. Your philanthropic spirit helps inspire all of us to foster a new level of educational programming in an environment that competes with private institutions, while providing a student experience unable to be replicated elsewhere. These are bold goals.

Trepidation is not what our Warriors need. Join us as we forge ahead.

Thank you,
Greg Evans
WSU Foundation Chair

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