Sarah Cheong '18

Sarah Cheong ’18

Recipient of the Robert Biesterfeld Family Marketing Scholarship

Receiving this scholarship has been a blessing in helping finance my studies as I pursue my degrees in Marketing and Public Relations. Being an international student, I am only able to work a maximum of 20 hours a week on campus and my parents have been struggling to help finance my education as the value of the dollar increases against my country’s currency.

Because of the generosity of my donor, the financial burden placed on me to pursue my education has been greatly reduced. This scholarship has enabled me to make ends meet and help me pay for tuition as I balance my schedule between school, work, and extra-curricular activities.

Thank you, donors, for your investment in Winona State and the futures of students like me.


Kassidy Jackson '19Kassidy Jackson ’19

Recipient of the Darrell and Nancy Krueger Scholarship
Rosemount, Minn.

I am a full-time student in my third year here at WSU. I have a full schedule between two jobs, clubs and activities I’m involved with on campus. As an independent student it can be extremely tough to pay my student bill each semester with all the different expenses college brings. I’m beyond thankful to have received this scholarship and to know that there are donors that fully support my career goals and dreams. Thank you so much for awarding me with this scholarship! It truly means the world to me.

Brian Waldbillig '18Brian Waldbillig ’18

Recipient of the Darrell and Nancy Krueger Scholarship
Farmington, Minn.

I am so honored to have received this scholarship. It means a lot knowing that donors and the Foundation are supporting students like me as I pursue my degree.

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