Three WSU students pose together and make a W shape with their hands.


There is something special about WSU. The academic programs, the natural beauty of our location, the close-knit campus community, the many opportunities to explore – these things all come together to make being a student at WSU a one-of-a-kind experience.

For our alumni, it was an experience that they wouldn’t trade for anything and makes them proud to be Winona State Warriors.

I am so glad I chose Winona State University. I was able to get a high-quality education in business, where I knew my professors and was able to talk to my advisor any time I needed. Winona is great community with many options for activities.

I loved that WSU offered so much without having to go to a giant university. If I were choosing again, I would definitely make the same choice!”

Laurie (Meyer) Bulman '93 - Human Resource Management

WSU proved to be a wonderful investment at the time I attended and in the 15 years since graduation. I learned not only the information to excel in my field of study, but I also learned how to learn efficiently.

Professors were eager to help without being suffocating. The campus size was perfect for me–not so big as to just be a number in the system or so small that everyone knew my business.

Overall, I’m thrilled with the education I received because it was well-rounded and grounded in solid teaching, all while lending itself to creativity and fun.”

Maria (Kujawa) Klingsheim '03 - Music Education

Choosing where to go for an undergraduate degree is a life-changing decision. I can say with 100% truth that I made the right decision when I decided to attend Winona State University.

There is not much I would change about my experience. I was challenged academically and walked away after four years with a portfolio of work that helped me secure my first job.

I met people who became life-long friends, though I only see them maybe once a year. But we always have that love for WSU that will keep us tied for the rest of our lives.

Raegan (Isham) Hennemann '00 - Mass Communication: Journalism

I was a transfer student when I attended WSU.  It was a great option for me to complete my education.  I was looking for a business program, which almost all schools offer. At the time, cost was also a concern for me.  WSU had both a great business college and was inexpensive in comparison to many of the other schools I looked at. 

My first visit to Winona sold me on the school. The beauty of the town, the size of the school… the friendliness of the staff and faculty all sold me that WSU was the right school for me.

Cynthia (Hendzel) VanHenkelum '85 - Business Administration

Winona State is a small enough university where you are not just another number. You will make friends at WSU who will become your lifelong friends. You will connect with professors, whether in general education courses or in your major courses who want you to succeed. They will listen and will give solid advice.

You should explore the various extra-curricular offerings and get involved with one or two that intrigue you. Sometimes those organizations lead you to the job you did not know you wanted to pursue. This is a time to explore, so explore.

Constance Davis '74 - Mass Communication & Sociology

My time at WSU was full of good friends, hard work and outdoor adventures. I got to meet people from all over the world, take top-notch courses and indulge in a few interests as well. Never miss the chance to try something new either through a class for credit, or through a club or activity.

I was a Geology major but was able to try Fencing, Tai Chi, Acting, Computer Science, Symphonic Band and Modern Dance all during my time at WSU. I also made the most of the beautiful location by hiking, bike riding and canoeing. Be brave, make friends and try new things.

Stacey (Davis) Lane '96 - Geoscience: Geology