It’s midterms, a stressful time for everyone. These 11 animals know exactly how you feel.

1. When you’re searching your textbook for the answers

cat trying catch something

2. When you realize you actually don’t know anything

sea lion struggles

3. When you’re really just done for the day

kangaroo drops ball

4. When you finally get to go to bed

turtle flips plastic pool on top of itself

5. When you’re cramming minutes before the exam

excited puppy

6. When you just wish you could escape

cat floats across pool on surfboard

7. When you feel like there’s just too much information to know

costumed cat rolls off chair

8. When you almost got all your flashcards correct..but those last few won’t stick

cat tries to reach string and falls of table

9. When you really just don’t know if you can go on

sloth nods

10. When you know your studying is going to pay off

penguin baby bobbing head

11. When you’re done with midterms and realize it’s Spring Break!

dancing dog

Keep pushing, Warriors. These animals (presumably) made it through their tough week, and so can you!