Attention Class of 2021: You’re still graduating!

Graduating from college is a big deal. So, you deserve to honor all the hard work you put into your journey as a Warrior.

Here are five ways to celebrate earning your degree.

1. Decorate your mortarboard cap

This semester, the Office of Academic Affairs will be providing Graduate Celebration Packages with lots of free goodies, including a mortarboard cap and tassel matching your degree and program:

  • Associate of Arts – Royal Blue
  • Bachelor of Arts – White
  • Bachelor of Music – Pink
  • Bachelor of Science – Gold
  • Bachelor of Science (Teaching) – Light Blue
  • Bachelor of Social Work – Citron
  • Master’s Degree – Black

Once you receive your package, embrace your inner creativity with a DIY project by decorating your cap with a fun design of your choice. You can find inspiration on Pinterest and tutorials galore on YouTube.

2. Get dressed up

Whatever your definition of “dressing up” is, pick your favorite outfit that you’re most comfortable in. Spiff up your hair and makeup, too, if you’re in the mood!

3. Have a photo shoot

Hey, you look great! Take some photos with your cap to remember the day.

You can spruce up your homemade backdrop with some purple and white party streamers and balloons to feel closer to your WSU home.

4. Make a special meal or order in

Pay tribute to yourself and your fellow grads over home-cooked or local takeout meal. The sky’s the limit with dining options, so choose your favorite.

To stay safe, you can even dine while video chatting with your family members and friends!

5. Watch the virtual celebration

Save the date: View the virtual celebration while WSU hosts a Facebook watch party on Friday, Dec. 11 at 6pm.

This is a great opportunity for everyone to come together while maintaining social distancing.

The virtual commencement program will include:

  • Processional & Welcome from President Olson
  • Recognitions
  • Student Speaker
  • Alumni Welcome from Tracy Hale
  • The Warriors’ Journey
  • Music: WSU Alma Mater
  • Closing Remarks by President Olson

This historic video will be posted to the WSU commencement website, Facebook and YouTube, so you can view it any time.

Need some more ideas for celebrating? I’ve got your back:

Don a Facebook frame to show your #WarriorPride on social media

What better way to share your graduate status than using a custom WSU frame!

Add your favorite picture of you and a caption to the Yearbook

Share your favorite picture of you along with your senior quote, Warrior Wisdom, or a meaningful memory from your time at WSU on the Class of 2020 Yearbook Board.

Capture the celebration with #WarriorGrads2020 on social media!

Read your shoutout or send a thank-you on the WSU Kudoboard

End the semester on a positive note by leaving one for your greatest supporters. You can also read your kudos written by family, a friend, an employer, a professor, or a fellow WSU alumnus.


Celebrate the transformation you’ve made over the years at WSU.

Post a photo of your freshman self and a recent photo and use the tag #warriortransformation to be featured on WSU’s social media.

Graduation Cap Decor

Show off your creativity and personality!

Share a photo of your decorated graduation cap and use the tag #FlyHighWarriors to be featured on WSU’s social media.

You’re are graduating, Warriors. Your achievements haven’t gone unnoticed!