club fair

Photo by Ka Vang ’16

Each fall semester, Winona State’s two national sororities, Delta Phi Epsilon (DPhiE) and Sigma Sigma Sigma (Tri-Sig), host formal recruitment. Recruitment gives these organizations a chance to expand their members and get to know other women on campus! This spring, Tri-Sig will be hosting informal recruitment starting tonight (Tuesday, Jan. 26)! Recruitment can be scary yet exciting, so here are 8 things you can expect if you are thinking about going through recruitment!

1. It is probably going to be intimidating

Walking into a room full of women, most of which you have never met, can always be a scary way to put yourself out there. However, they are just as nervous to meet you and they are going to welcome you with the most open arms. The women you meet are so excited that you are interested in the organization that has brought them so much happiness and they only hope that you want to be a part of it. It may be intimidating and nerve wracking, but as long as you stay true to yourself they’re going to love you!

2. Chants and snaps

No matter what group of sorority women you’re meeting, you’ll walk into the room and they will immediately share their organization’s favorite songs and chants. They will probably be loud and you’ll probably wonder what’s going on but most times it will give you chills just seeing the pride and excitement that comes from those chants. And clapping isn’t much of a thing, rather sorority women snap to show appreciation or that they agree with you. So, if women start snapping, just join in!

3. You’re going to learn a lot

Greek life does so much for the community around them that many people don’t get to see. From highway clean ups, volunteering at the humane society and raising tons of awareness for their philanthropies, Greek organizations involve themselves as much as they can! Not to mention having events that bond themselves with their sisterhood along with other organizations all while keeping a strong academic structure. Active sister of DPhiE Shannon Brown said, “You have nothing to lose by going through recruitment. Seriously nothing. The worst that could happen is that things don’t go as planned, but regardless, everyone walks out learning new things about others and themselves.”

4. You’ll immediately be obsessed with the apparel

One of the first things you’ll notice is how every woman is wearing the same cute top that you scrolled by on Pinterest last week. And you’ll immediately want it. But you’ll also notice that although each woman may be wearing the same apparel, each one wears it differently. A sorority is made up of all different types of personalities and characteristics and that is just one of the many reasons that makes it so great.

5. The stereotypes will go away

Active sister of DPhiE Alannah Evelius said, “Don’t expect the stereotypical sorority girls. These are some of the girls that are capable of changing your entire life.” Movies and TV shows portray Greek life in a way that is so unrealistic it can easily scare off women who would be great assets to such organizations. You don’t have to have a certain hair color, body type or style to join a Greek organization. You will not be asked to do anything you’re uncomfortable with in order to join the organization, as any nationally recognized sorority does NOT tolerate hazing. Just be your self and if it feels right, it probably is!

6. Questions

You’ll be asked questions and you’ll ask tons of questions yourself. It’s all about getting to know the women and for the women to get to know you. It is not an interview, instead it’s super casual. Small talk is made over food, games and often times a community service activity. This is a good way for you to get to know the women whom you may call your sister one day. Active sister of DPhiE, Lexie Adamsky said “It’s more relaxed here which makes it a lot more fun [compared to bigger universities].”

7. You’ll make friends regardless of the outcomes

Active sister of Tri-Sig Samantha Lee said, “I hope each of the beautiful ladies going through recruitment embrace who they are, and realize they’re talking to not only future friends, but lifelong sisters.” You get to know other women whether you like it or not and many of times those small conservations can bloom into a beautiful friendship.

8. You’ll fall in love

Active sister of DPhiE, Jess Cemke said, “From day one I knew where I was meant to be and everyday of recruitment I fell more and more in love.” Whether you fall in love with the women you’ve met, the organization or both – you will always leave the recruitment room with a happy heart!