If you find yourself walking by the ominous black tarp that hangs over the side of the Kryzsko Commons and wondering what the heck is going on back there, you’re not alone. Students at WSU have been eagerly waiting to see the debut of the newest addition to the building since this past fall.

However, a few of us student workers in the Web Communication Office were able to get the inside scoop and see what all the hullabaloo was about. With the help of Joe Reed, the Student Union and Activities Director, we strapped on our hard hats and entered an area where no student has gone before.

interior of Kryzsko when under construction

We first entered the bottom level of the construction area through a door in the newly renovated bookstore.  From here, we were able to see the long walkway students will enter from the west side of campus.  The two levels of the new area will be split and separated by this bottom walkway. On the far side, a large TV will be projecting images and announcements regarding all the happenings on campus.

The second level of Kryzsko when under construction

We then proceeded to the middle level of the new addition.  From here, students will be able to look up over the railing and see a glass wall separating them from another study lounge area, in order to keep the area quiet for prime cramming sessions. Reed also mentioned there will be new, comfy furniture for students to enjoy while hanging out on campus.

wall of windows of interior of Kryzsko when under construction

To the right of the middle floor, there are large windows being set that will face the center of campus. Here, students can sip their coffee, watch the sunrise (or sunset) and enjoy a peaceful scene as they complete their homework. Each window-wall is set at an angle, which adds to the design of the new addition.

construction materials in the parking lot

From here, we headed to the upper area of the construction zone, where the new and improved Baldwin Lounge will be located. Along with many new features, Baldwin will have large windows as well to improve lighting and sustainability. New furniture will also be added to this area, along with fresh carpeting. (Pssst, it will match the flooring in the new bookstore; go check it out!)

the entrance to the renovated Baldwin Lounge

Last (but certainly not least) the renovated Baldwin will have many more meeting and conference rooms. Each room will hold a large table and several chairs, so students could work on group projects or hit the books in solitude. Each area will have a large glass pane on the outside, so students can easily see if the meeting room is occupied.

While we can’t give away all of the new exciting add-ons to Kryzsko Commons, we can say that students are DEFINITELY going to enjoy these additions to the building. To the Warriors who are returning in the fall…be excited. Be very excited!

–Katlyn Plourde, Melissa VanGrinsven and Leah Dobihal