students at commencement ceremony

Fill out the application and you’re one step closer graduating.

I have waited for this day for four long years. The day I could fill out the graduation application because this is my final semester. In just a few months I will be saying sayonara to the student status that I’ve held for the last two decades (Wow, that’s a long time!).

Ok, so it’s not the same as actually graduating with the cap and the gown and the diploma in hand, but it’s still one step closer to that momentous day. Though I had mentally prepared and set aside some time, the application was surprisingly simple to complete.

In just a few clicks, having reviewed my degree completion information and indicating the mailing address for my diploma, it was done. The whole thing took all of three minutes and then I was looking at a redirect screen with the message “Thank you for submitting your application”.

For some reason, I thought there would be more to it—perhaps because this such a big deal in my life, I expected the application to exude the same gravitas. But this was not the case.

In fact, it was much more like I was announcing to WSU that I was graduating than asking for leave to do so.

I guess this makes sense because as a nervous, naive freshman, I needed permission to attend the University. Now as a confident senior, I know that I’ve truly earned my degrees and I am ready to take those few steps across the stage into the next phase of my life.

While you technically have some time to apply for graduation, you have to submit the application by midterm to be eligible for provisional academic honors and get your name in the Commencement program. I advise you to get it done as soon as possible —it takes less time than ordering a cup of coffee, and who doesn’t want to see their name printed in the program?

Whenever you decide to fill out the application, don’t be fooled by its mundane appearance. It does have a special meaning to it—savor that and hold on to it through these last weeks until the big day, May 8, finally arrives.