There are a lot of decisions freshmen need to make before their college journey begins: where to attend, what to study, what future career to pursue… and, of course, where to live. No need to stress with the latter, though—we’ve got you covered!

Choosing the right residence hall is like the television show House Hunters on HGTV. There may be things you’re willing to compromise and negotiate on while you’d consider other things to be absolute deal-breakers.

To go along with our #tourTuesday campaign on Facebook—which personally takes you through our residence halls—read on for a guide to Winona State’s housing options and what each one can offer you!


Main Campus


Be close to the action—from classes, to pep-fests, to sports games, and more—by living on Main Campus! Let’s check it out.


The Quad (Conway, Morey-Shepard, Richards)

This complex consists of three residence halls that house over 400 students—which is great for anyone looking to meet lots of people. There is also a courtyard in the middle of the complex where students can sunbathe, do their homework, or even challenge one another to a game of volleyball. Available room styles include singles and super-singles.



Prentiss-Lucas, or P-L, is made up of two separate buildings that are connected by a shared lobby and lower level.  A unique feature of this hall is the large cabinets and built-in desks with tall shelves and drawers for plenty of storage.  This residence hall is co-ed, housing mainly first-year students.  Available room styles include singles and super-singles.



Talk about views! Living in Sheehan Hall (a.k.a. the tallest building on campus) is perfect for any student who wants to wake up every morning with a great panorama of the university. Available room styles include both singles and super-singles.



Built in 2010, this suite-style residence hall provides students with a private bathroom as well as a common area within each unit. This hall is a great option for anyone seeking privacy and a suite-style experience during their first year at Winona State. Available suite styles include 2-bedrooms, 4-persons; 3-bedrooms, 3-persons; and 4-bedrooms, 4-persons.



This concludes our edition of House Hunters here at Winona State. We hope this has given you an overview of your residence hall options for living on campus. Ready to get your housing application started?

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Updated by Hailey Seipel (07/14/2021)