Here is a fun game for you: Take a shot of water every couple of hours to make sure you are healthy & hydrated, Warriors!

You think you’re sly but I know what you’re up to this weekend. So do a lot of people.

I’m not here to tell you to give up your Friday night and stay home knitting (unless that’s what you want to do). I’m just here to help you take it easy. Your body and future self will thank you.

Avoid Peer Pressure at Parties

Red solo cup, I lift you up! Surprise — it’s water, just filled with water. Or pop, or juice, or tea. Nobody will know what is or isn’t in your cup.

The point is that you have a cup. You can still go to the party sober, hang with your friends and play games – but the fear of getting a minor consumption ticket isn’t there isn’t hanging over your head.

Take Care of One Another

Be the mom or dad of the friend group. Everybody needs one and everyone appreciates you! You could help your friends avoid getting too drunk too fast and steer them away from unwise decisions and unsafe situations.

Don’t Fear the Police

Police officers are here to help. Picture your family and friends in a badge. They just want you and the people around you safe. If your party gets busted, just comply with their orders and often officers will let everybody go home. I can’t promise you won’t get in trouble but it’s less likely if you stay calm and don’t try to start a fight.

If something does go terribly wrong, contact the authorities right away. You will not be punished for under-age drinking if you call 911 to report a sexual assault or case of alcohol poisoning.

Respect the Community

I can’t help but scold a little on this one. Respect the community because they should enjoy Homecoming too! Don’t throw cans in their yard. Don’t steal or break anyone’s stuff. Don’t be obnoxiously loud late at night. Remember that there are a lot of neighborhoods around campus and people will be trying to sleep. Don’t swear in front of young kids — they already grow up too fast, so let them be a kid. Remind your friends too.

Make #WSUhoco18 fun and memorable for all the right reasons! Have a memory to look back on with nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed of.