COVID-19 has changed a lot about campus, including decreasing the amount of on-campus student activities.

However, the Winona State Student Union in partnership with the IT team has been working hard to bring students a brand new form of on-campus entertainment: the Esports Lounge.

Located in the office nearest to the SAC stage in the basement of Kryzsko, this lounge area is designed for both competitive and non-competitive video game players to have access to high-quality technology.

Free to all WSU students, the Esports Lounge offers higher speed internet in the lounge than in other spaces on campus, as well as high refresh rate monitors and high processing computers.

Students will be able to choose from the most current PC and Nintendo Switch games, which they can play with others in the lounge, or people outside of the space.

On-campus video gaming clubs are also able to reserve the lounge for meetings.

Students will have a certain amount of hours per semester that they can use the lounge.

To check into the lounge, students can go to the Student Activity Center desk and from there will be assigned a computer to use. You can also check out other items, like a keyboard, mouse, or game controller. However, it is encouraged that you bring your own items, especially a headset.

Students will also be able to screen-cast from their computer to one of the flat screen TVs in the lounge. Eventually, this feature will be used more for spectators, but due to capacity regulations, only 12 players will be allowed in the space at once.

Computer screens in the Esports lounge can also be broadcasted to just about any other screen or projector in Kryzsko.

Student Union staff will be sanitizing all items after use. Students will be expected to sanitize their own counter space and computer after use. Like everywhere else on campus, masks are required in the lounge. Every other computer station will be used by students for physical distancing.

Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, WSU is working hard to bring quality entertainment to its students while still upholding the safety of our community.