If you like free food and want to have a say in university decisions, then Pizza 4 Opinions is your perfect match!

Pizza 4 Opinions is a focus group that will be held Tuesday, September 17, from 5-7 pm at Cathedral 16 located in the basement of the Education Village.

This open forum is way to hear directly from Warriors about what sorts of changes they would like to see in WSU digital communication and online apps.

Need an extra nudge for why you should go? Here’s three reasons to attend this event.


1. You get free pizza! Need I say more?


2. You can share exactly what you want and don’t want to see and hear in communication from WSU


3. You can help shape future projects to best fit your needs as a Warrior


One of the projects in the works is an online dashboard for students to keep track of all things related to your life at WSU. It could include things like campus news and events, a chat feature and custom reminders from the Warrior Hub, and more.

Depending on your feedback, though, this may very well change. Sharing your thoughts will further strengthen how this dashboard will be structured and organized. This is where you come in!

Take some time tomorrow evening to make your way over to the Education Village and be a part of this focus group. The ultimate goal is for your experience as a Warrior to be fun and hassle-free, so all opinions are welcome.

Hope to see you there!


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