Here’s what quarantine and isolation was really like for two WSU students.

I tested positive for COVID a few weeks ago along with the rest of my friends, and we have all recovered.

During my two weeks of quarantine in my off-campus home, I took advantage of all the time I had to focus on school. I was able to get ahead in some of my classes because I did not have work, so that was pretty nice.

It got a little boring and anxiety-provoking at times because I like to be with my friends all the time. While I wasn’t able to see them in person, we did have group facetime meetings so that was nice.

The quarantine flew by, and looking back on it now, I honestly forget it even happened because it was so “easy” and really not that big of a deal like everyone makes it out to be.

As long as you take care of yourself and stay in communication with your professors, you will be fine and there is nothing to worry about

I believe most people make this quarantine a bigger deal than it has to be. This line of thinking tends to scare students, when in my experience it was essentially a two-week break to catch up on school and focus on myself!

Julia Auerbach '21

I was isolating in my house with my roommate, who also tested positive. When I first found out I tested positive, I was disappointed that I would not be able to leave my house for two weeks.

I did experience some of the main symptoms, and I was very tired and found myself bored sometimes while being at home for so long.

However, being at home with nothing to do made it a lot easier to focus on classes, personal growth and hobbies. My professors were also very understanding and considerate regarding class work.

When my quarantine finally ended it felt weird, but good to get back into the world.

Zack Frovik