College students around the country are facing an unprecedented semester. 

With all the changes on campuses, news about COVID-19 arriving often, and a ton of opinions on every aspect of the pandemic, it can be hard to know what the right steps are.

Here at Winona State, we believe in doing what we can to protect each other. We have a list of five daily actions every Warrior should do to help keep our campus life safe and enjoyable for everyone.

You can #CountOnMe to keep my mask on. 

I always have one in my car and bring one with me wherever I go. I never know if I could potentially be spreading an illness to someone I interact with, and I want to take whatever precautions I can to protect them.

As someone who easily gets pneumonia after contracting a simple cold, it’s important to me that I physically distance myself whenever possible and avoid being indoors with others who may not be wearing a mask.

I want to stay safe not only for myself, but also for others. 

And while wearing a mask sometimes feels like it’s enough, physical distancing is also crucial. 

All my classes are offered online only, so I don’t need to make regular trips to campus. When I have to study in the silent level of the library or grab some Panda from Zane’s, you can count on me to physically distance myself. 

I’m in my last year of my undergrad career, so I’ve already had “the college experience.” For first-year students, I know having a normal one is important to them, though that isn’t totally possible right now. 

I hope that by physically distancing, I can help these first-year students have the experience they deserve as soon as possible.

Following the guidelines of reducing the spread of COVID-19 is fairly easy, in my opinion, and many of us have adopted these guidelines into our daily routines. 

Something that may be harder to adapt to, however, is how we support friends. Although I’m tempted to meet friends in their homes or at restaurants, I know that there’s a risk of spreading. When I do meet friends, I make sure to do it outdoors.

When I miss my friends, I take the time I would use for visiting in-person for video or phone calls, sending letters and emails, or even just texting them memes that remind me of them. 

It can be easy to feel alone while staying home, so it’s up to us to support our loved ones by being there for them in the safest ways we can.

You can #CountOnMe to do what I can to protect others. 

Can I count on you?