Alumni Relations and SOAR (Student Organization of Alumni Relations) are hosting the third-annual I Love WSU Week, sponsored by the WSU Foundation, on Sept 11-18. The festivities were established to spark awareness, inspire philanthropy among students and young alumni, all while reveling in the ways that donors already show their love for WSU.

Festivities kick off with Monday’s Tag Day. Students and staff will be covering campus in tags, putting on display everything that is made possible by donors.  Running on the treadmills in the IWC, strolling through campus amidst the trees, benches, and gazebo, rushing to class past the photos hanging in Somsen, studying for a big exam in the library—wherever you are on campus, take note of tags around you, and observe that they represent donors’ gifts.

Also in celebration of I Love WSU Week will be a rally at the Gazebo on Thursday, September 14th from 1-2 p.m. At the rally, there will be free ice cream, music and other entertainment. Those who attend the rally will be invited to write thank you post cards to WSU’s donors. This is an awesome opportunity to give thanks where it is due for the donations that make our campus beautiful and unique.

Throughout the rest of the week, the celebrations continue as the campaign highlights all the ways that donors love WSU, emphasizing the over 900 Foundation scholarships affecting 1 in 8 students every year, athletic programs and student-athlete support across many sports, Foundation Special Projects like the Warriors Innovate Challenge and Success Coaching, the future Laird Norton Center for Art & Design, among many others.

Alumni and others are encouraged to share their love for WSU by visiting to make a gift—and an impact—of their own, talking about their favorite things at the university, and sharing these with friends and family.  Many small gifts make an immense positive impact, and help us to reach our goal of $15,000 for scholarships and Foundation special projects.

I love WSU for many reasons—I love the music and RTTR departments’ faculty and staff, I really love my dad (class of 1989) and that my younger sister has found a home here, I love my fantastic four-year education by professors that genuinely took an interest in getting to know me and enhancing my skills and knowledge, and I love the opportunity to be engaged in the university as an employee now.  I benefit from an incredible experience here at WSU—one that is still underway—and much of it all was made possible and enhanced by donors.

It is an honor to be an alumna of Winona State—I am eager to show my love for WSU by contributing to reach that $15,000 goal, and I encourage you to do the same!  Every little bit makes a big difference!

— Kayleen Berwick ’17 | Phonathon Coordinator