True to Midwestern ethos, our Winona State community is a modest lot. The Warrior Way brings to light those among us who are working in creative, diverse ways to improve our campus, our community and our world.

The Warrior Way takes a deeper look at the people who make WSU an exceptional community. We think it’s worth getting to know them a little better. Often, their life stories are as inspiring as their actions and impact.

Our Mission in Action

The Warrior Way celebrates members of the Winona State community who are creatively and passionately living WSU’s mission, “A Community of Learners Improving our World.” Their stories inspire us all to contribute our own time and talent to help create a better world.

Showcasing Campus

The beauty of Winona State’s campus is unrivaled and impossible to convey in words alone. Each Warrior Way portrait setting is on or near one of WSU’s trademark “W” benches across campus, highlighting the stunning place in which we live, learn, give and grow.

Nominate a Warrior

If you know someone in our community — faculty, staff, student, alumni or friend of WSU — who we could feature, or if you have other Warrior Way feedback to share, please email Mollee Sheehan, director of web communications:

The “W” Bench Theme

Each portrait is set with a backdrop that includes one of the many iconic “W” benches on campus, showcasing the picturesque place in which we live, learn, give and grow.

Each featured Warrior is also asked the question, “If you could invite anyone living or dead to sit on this bench and have a conversation, who would it be and what would you talk about?” This gives you a chance to get to know our featured Warriors, as their answers invariably provide a window into what motivates them.

Student Creators

The Warrior Way is not just about those we profile. It also highlights WSU’s most talented creative students.

The portraits are photographed by select student photographers, and the interviews are conducted by a student writer.

The Warrior Way logo and Facebook template were both designed by a student graphic designer. The Warrior Way truly represents our remarkable community of learners.