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A Graduate Nursing student at Winona State University is helping children in Rochester learn about health care visits and staying healthy in a safe and fun environment. Emily Doskey is bringing an interactive Teddy Bear Clinic exhibit to the Children’s Museum Spark where children can simulate a medical exam with a large plush teddy bear.

Emily Doskey says she was motivated to put together this playful exhibit by explaining that it is important that “going to the doctor and having regular check ups feel safe.” The Teddy Bear Clinic is designed to provide a playful way for children to gain experience and exposure to common medical practices. She says helping children feel more comfortable with health care visits is especially important during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This innovative community learning project originated out of a Winona State University Graduate Nursing course on Advanced Health Promotion taught by Dr. Sandra Paddock.

Emily Doskey recently talked with KAAL-TV News about her “Teddy Bear Clinic” and why helping children become more comfortable visiting the doctor is good for public health in our community.

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