A screenshot from a KIMT News 3 interview with WSU nursing student Mason Brunette

“Doing everything we can to help people out is the best thing we can do.”


-Mason Brunette, Winona State University Nursing Student


Students from the nursing program at Winona State University in Rochester volunteer weekly at the Salvation Army as part of their community-based curriculum. Nursing students visit the Salvation Army Social Service Center in downtown Rochester every Tuesday from 9-11 AM during the academic year to provide free haircuts and footcare to those in need while also helping to share health promotional education.

Public outreach and community service are key components to education at WSU-Rochester. These opportunities provide students with practical field experience and helps them broaden their perspectives. Students are able to channel their personal values into these service activities, which can inspire them to further excel in their academic studies and to realize the full impact they can achieve with their careers.

On Tuesday, October 20, 2020, WSU nursing students held an extended health clinic at the Rochester Salvation Army as part of the first ever Rochester Spirit Days. In addition to their regular weekly services, students also provided free flu shots and other vaccinations. KIMT News 3 was there to cover the event and speak with the students.

In an interview with Mary Peters of KIMT News 3, nursing student Mason Brunette said it was hard to put into words exactly how much it means for students to have these person-to-person experiences in the community. “We’re able to form a personal relationship with each individual person,” he explains.

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