The Winona State University strategic framework includes five themes: relationships, inclusive excellence, student learning, student success, and stewards of place & resources.

Updated September 6, 2022

Winona State University has a strategic framework which guides the University. The University strategic framework themes are broadly written to include the whole University community and to help the campus community identify and support the underlying goals of each theme. The five themes help organize planning and initiatives of the university.

An icon has been created for each strategic framework theme. To show alignment between the Winona State University – Rochester strategic plan and the overall strategic framework, the icons that most closely align with each theme have been placed next to the corresponding pillar. The themes and associated strategic goals are as follows:



Theme 1 – Student Learning

Goal: Create and sustain a coordinated and rigorous set of learning experiences inside and outside the classroom to prepare students for their post-graduate life.


Theme 2 – Student Success

Goal: Enhance the student experience while evolving to meet the needs of future students by providing comprehensive support programs and services so that students can successfully meet their goals.


Theme 3 – Stewards of Place and Resources

Goal: Enhance a culture of learning and stewardship of resources at Winona State University to prepare students to become responsible citizens and community members.


Theme 4 – Inclusive Excellence

Goal: Increase diversity in the University community and embrace a culture of inclusive excellence.


 Theme 5 – Relationships

Goal: Strengthen internal and external relationships by promoting an environment that enriches Winona State University, Winona, and Rochester community constituents.


Winona State University Master Planning

WSU delivers the finest public education experience in Minnesota. We are empowered to have hopes and dreams. From this position of strength, WSU has embarked on a journey to uncover transformational ideas that will truly change our university. We are imagining what we want to become and where we will invest our efforts for the next five to ten years.

Each area of the university is expected to develop a strategic plan that serves the larger WSU strategic framework.

Winona State University-Rochester Strategic Plan


1. Cabinet, Leadership, Inclusive Excellence Plan (IEP) and Strategic Framework


Goal 1.1: Winona State University Cabinet to work closely with Rochester leadership, faculty, and staff to enhance intentional communication to identify and honor Rochester connections and contributions.


1.1.1 [Outcome]

Tactic: Expand language to “campuses” and “environments” to reflect more than one location.

1.1.2 Ongoing emphases.

Tactic: Develop intentional communication venues where voices from all communities and populations are encouraged to share and problem solve.

Update 09/2022: Plan to conduct a Climate Survey, Spring 2023



2. Alignment to Facilities Plan (improvement and expansion) and Strategic Framework


 Goal 2.1: Create a world-class learning environment in Rochester.



2.1.1 Winona State University Facilities VP and AVP to expand accessible, safe/dry, and dedicated classrooms, labs, and offices that reflect the needs of the current and future programs. 2022-2025
2.1.2 Winona State University Cabinet to engage in substantive discussions with nursing program leadership and dean for CONHS to address skills and simulation laboratory needs in Rochester. 2021-2023
2.1.3 Winona State University AVP for facilities to engage with Rochester faculty, staff, and students to ensure the Winona State University Master Facilities Plan (MFP) addresses current and future needs based on growth proposals.

Update 09/2022: Facilities Services Commprehensive Master Plan (update in progress)



3. Alignment to Technology Plan (improvement and expansion)


Goal 3.1: Create a world class learning experience for students.



3.1.1 Cabinet and CIO to engage in negotiations with RCTC to upgrade network during 2021 contract negotiations.

Update 2/18/2022: On the IT side, RCTC network upgrade is roughly a 1/3 complete. With substantial work to completion to be made over the summer.  At the Broadway location ITS has installed new Mist Wireless APs which is part of WSU wide wireless upgrade taking place over the spring semester.

3.1.2 In collaboration with the MFP (Master Facilities Plan), engage in substantive discussions with nursing program leadership and dean for CONHS to address laboratory needs in Rochester, including simulation. 2021-2023


Goal 3.2: In collaboration with the Inclusive Excellence Plan (IEP), create an accessible and appealing website to welcome and engage prospective student populations. Updates by Sept 1.


3.2.1 Website contracts (scope of work). Inclusive recruitment process working on how to present Winona/Rochester and populations.

Update 05/2022:

  1. Recruitment website was launched in the spring 2022. Global updates are in process.
  2. WSU-Rochester is updating photography to reflect adult and Rochester locations for website, social media, and promotion materials.

Update 06/2022:

  1. Scholarship Event presentations available on Open River.
  2. WSU Rochester Advisory Group meeting for community feedback every month.


4. Alignment to Academic Plan and Enrollment Plan (Experience and Expertise) and Strategic Framework


Goal 4.1: Diversify enrollment and create accessible and flexible programming at WSU-Rochester.


4.1.1 In alignment with the Academic Plan, the Provost and Deans to expand and centralize adult programming in Rochester. Establish a measurable goal with provost and deans. 2021-2023
4.1.2 In collaboration with Technology Plan, Academic Plan, and Enrollment Plan leadership, intentionally adopt flexible delivery of student support services and academic programming tested during pandemic and desired by Winona State University – Rochester students.

Update 05/2022:

  1. Data for fall, spring, and summer courses that address online delivery for all GEP goals has been identified and presented to the Deans Council and Long Range Planning Committee (April 2022).
  2. Launch of the Concierge Connection planned for fall 2022. (Diagram below)
4.1.3 In collaboration with the Enrollment Plan leadership, the AVP-Rochester and Deans will engage with local businesses and economic development organizations to gain insight on workforce market needs to expand online and hybrid programming.

Update 09/2022: COA Goal adopted, Develop a list of strategies to leverage data by May 2023, to diversify as needed face-to-face, hybrid, and online course offerings to meet student needs for timely program completion and graduation (Provost Newton).

4.1.4 In collaboration with the Enrollment Plan leadership, intentionally engage with greater Rochester community partners to create and expand state of the art, innovative, new programming. 2021-2026
4.1.5 In collaboration with the Enrollment Plan and Inclusive Excellence Plan leadership, develop an intentional plan to expand student, faculty, and staff diversity through inclusion tactics and activities.


4.1.2  Diagram



Goal 4.2: To align with the Academic Plan, develop and promote research and creative project opportunities between community partners and faculty and students. Timeline 2021-2023



5. Alignment with Alumni and Development Leadership and Strategic Framework


Goal 5.1: VP Advancement to support Director of alumni Relations to develop intentional programming for alumni in the Rochester region with outcomes related to networking, program expansion, mentoring, and options to become involved.


5.1.1 Add or increase Rochester representation on Alumni Board/Foundation Board

Update 3/14/2022: Alumni Events

Goal 5.2: VP Advancement to develop 8-10 new scholarships to support transfer students at the $1,000 – $5,000 annual level (each).



Update 2/17/2022: An ADDITIONAL $10,000 in scholarships (10/ $1,000 scholarships for transfer/part-time or full-time students that will be managed at WSU-R for undergraduates.

Update 09/2022: Scholarships awarded!

5.2.1 WINONA STATE – ROCHESTER student representative on committee to define and distribute the scholarships. 2022-2025
 Goal 5.3: VP Advancement to develop 8-10 new scholarships and emergency funding to support diverse (undergrad/grad) students at the $1,000-5,000 annual level (each).

Update 2/17/2022: Foundation is establishing a fund for emergency funding for WSU-R students

5.3.1 WINONA STATE – ROCHESTER diverse student representative on committee to define and distribute the scholarships. 2022-2025