Cameron Sengstock

Cameron Sengstock

My book, “The Plastic Meal”, was about a boy named Carlos that traveled from Minnesota to Puerto Viejo to scuba dive since he was bored with Minnesota’s nature and activities. Once he arrived, he bought scuba diving goggles and once he pocketed the wrapper from them, the wind carried the wrapper towards the ocean. He attempted to grab it but it was going too fast for him and he just let it blow away. Once he went scuba diving, he saw a turtle; but it was plastic in his mouth. He then realized it was his own plastic wrapper in his mouth. He called for help and lured the turtle towards the shore to help it out. He then realized the importance of not littering and how it effects sea life. I chose to write about this topic of littering because hundreds of thousands of people around the world litter and don’t think anything of it. I want to bring young children aware of the importance of properly disposing of their garbage and not allowing for anything to fall into the wrong hands… and mouths. I hope children can understand the effects of littering and allowing it to escape their hands because it can possibly kill an email that thinks the garbage is food. The process of writing and creating this book was extremely long and stressful, but it was also a good learning opportunity and I got to be creative with my drawings, and what I wanted to make known to the children. I developed as a Spanish writer and speaker with this book which is overall helpful.


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December 13, 2018

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