Resiliency directly impacts employee recruitment, onboarding, retention, and overall engagement.

WSU contracted with Sandy Anderson Consulting to provide resiliency training at the Minnesota Community Action Partnership‘s (MinnCAP) Recovery, Resilience, Response, Renew 2022 Conference.

Attendees were challenged to identify their strengths and vulnerabilities and create a professional pathway to sustainably address the needs of their organizations.

All over the world employers are under stress, and the uncertainty and stress of change has caused burnout.

So, a new paradigm has emerged: a corporate focus on resilience.

Josh Bersin

Global Research Analyst

WSU hosted several breakout session topics at the conference, including:

  • common language that builds connection and capacity
  • a framework of context for facing challenges
  • awareness of the power of elevating and leveraging the mission
  • transparent space to identify current experiences
  • understanding how a resilient culture directly impacts sustainability
  • strategies that diminish problems not people during challenges
WSU ACE Staff presenting at MinnCAP conference.

Designing an organizational culture that is resilient, strong, stable, and is able to face down the disruptions and detours without diminishing its people is essential.

Resilience is a muscle; it’s a strategy, not a program. Resilience can be developed and expanded.

Sandy Anderson

Owner, Sandy Anderson Consulting

Research shows how we lead in the areas of recruitment and onboarding have a direct impact on engagement and retention, whether board or team members invest their best in the organization and commit to the mission.

WSU ACE Staff attending MinnCAP Conference.

Business resilience is needed, but it doesn’t just happen. Leaders need strategies and an understanding of how resiliency develops and strengthens when conditions are right.

Sharing this knowledge and these tools with community action professionals across the state was an honor, and I hope the takeaways have far-reaching benefits for the organizations who attended, as well as the individuals and families they serve.

Julie Kiehne

Business Outreach Coordinator, Winona State University

It was great to finally be back together in person for our annual training conference.

Our 24 Community Action Agencies from across the state were provided outstanding training and networking opportunities with their colleagues. We had a large turnout with 200 staff members from our local Community Action Agencies.

Having Sandy and WSU participate was the beginning of a great partnership!

Leah Pauletti

Director of Operations, MinnCAP

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About MinnCAP

In Minnesota, 24 Community Action Agencies and 11 Tribal Nations serve all 87 counties across the state. MinnCAP provides poverty solutions through various programs and services including: homeless prevention and housing assistance, utility bill assistance, healthcare enrollment, food and nutrition services, Head Start early childhood programming, financial asset building, regional transit, and more.

About Sandy Anderson Consulting

Sandy Anderson Consulting is known for doing transformative work to clients that is rooted in wellbeing by increasing resiliency, relevancy, and authentic connection in work and life. Over 30 years of extensive experience partnering with organizations and individuals as well as her degrees in Community Health and Organizational Leadership have inspired the development of practical pathways and strategies to strengthen organizational cultures.

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